Political Correctness run Amuck

By:  Diane Benjamin

Being politically correct is dead!  Some of the new Bloomington Alderman didn’t get the message.

PDF page 169:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21739

Remember when Aldermen became allowed to place items on the agenda with a Council Initiative?  They needed to fill out a form and get 4 other members to sign with them.

Evidently some of the new members are “special”.  No Council Initiative needed to get this on the agenda.  I hope somebody mentions which “new members” want this, I doubt it was all!

aldermea pc

I bet these snowflakes think “All men are created equal” only means men.  Are there any preferred pro-nouns we need to know about too?

Since they all took their oath of office as “alderman”, are they going to retake it?  Every reference in the City Code must be changed.  I wonder if that will be contracted out.

PDF page 167:  The aldermen get to appoint a new Mayor Pro Tem since Karen Schmidt is no longer on the Council.  Who gets appointed will be a secret until Monday.

The City wants to settle a lawsuit instead of fighting it in court:


The cost will be $55,000.  PDF page 152 claims if it went to court it would cost $125,000 to defend.


  • Is body camera video available or was this before the City started using them?
  • Is this the case investigated by the Public Safety and Community Relations Board reviewed and found the police did nothing wrong?
  • Is it now open season for lawsuits because the City would rather settle?

PDF page 124 has approval of a lease transfer at Lake Bloomington,  The lease fee is going up 267%.  Keep in mind, Lake Bloomington residents have no representation on the Council.  


PDF page 4:  No need for diversity or new ideas on the boards and commissions.  Tari is reappointing many of the same people to new terms.

Prayers for Scott Laughlin of WJBC.

In case you missed it, Scott is taking an extended leave of absence from the morning show for cancer treatments.






15 thoughts on “Political Correctness run Amuck

  1. Prayers for Scott. Cancer Sucks.

    WJBC posted an article about the Alderperson name change.
    I commented the following on WJBC.
    “🤮 What a waste of time and energy…we have young men dying in our streets, an ever increasing tax debt, homeless shelters at capacity, roads that are impassible, a serious taxation issues that hurts the poorest in our community and this is is the Council members and city staff’s priority? Give me a break.”

    Jeff Bertrand responded:
    “Angela Scott why don’t you run if you have all the solutions? Stop whining and do something about it.”

    My response to Jeff:
    “Yes ma’am. Jeff Bertrand I don’t think I said I know all the answers either. Rather, my statement was about the Council’s priorities. Also, if I slip up and call a Council Member an Alderwoman and they are a man or vice versa, will I be arrested on the spot since this is now city code? Will an ordinance violation be issued? Does this city ordinance override state law? Finally in answer to your question I won’t run for office because my profession is not politician, I can’t afford to, and I’m pretty sure the antifa would not like me at all. I value my safety. And just because I don’t run for office does not mean I don’t do anything about the other items I mentioned.”

    Cannot wait to get out of this City. Wish I could leave the state.

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    1. Angela – Good answer! It was a typically stupid response by MISTER Bertrand, one “they” are quite fond of using (I think there is an approved set of responses for them to choose from) They weave an atmosphere that makes it nearly impossible for any “normals” (who they think of as deplorables…) to run for any city offices then chide anyone who even says anything about how maybe just maybe there are other approaches than the almost invariably ill conceived nonsense that they dream up, that also nearly ALWAYS costs more than what a “normal” (small n) may have proposed as a workable solution or initiative. I know the non leftist faction of Bloomington is falling into despair, which nearly always breeds apathy, but if we are EVER going to wrest this collective mess from the position of mayor and positions on the council we HAVE to start at least voting, it’s the least people could do and if enough dragged themselves out to vote (God knows they give you PLENTY of time to do it) then maybe some better people might think that they just may have a chance and would consider actually running to unseat this collection of smug yet not so capable leftists we have piloting this sinking ship.


    2. You’re afraid of “antifa”? Gee, look under your bed the boogeyman is there.

      “I bet these snowflakes think “All men are created equal” only means men”.

      Well yes since women didn’t have the right to vote until 1920. They also couldn’t enter many professions until recently. Many professions were closed to women. 2016 was the first year that a woman was presidential candidate for a major political party. Also, there were millions of slaves who weren’t free and were considered 3/5 of a person. So yes, all men created equal literary only meant men when it was written.


      1. You know Pat minimizing someone’s very real fear is an excellent gaslighting technique. I have been threatened. I have individuals call my employer, I worked with a gal who liked to screw people’s lives up because she could get away with it and I have been physically threatened. I was also stalked by some Jenn’s buddies.


      2. We see this radical type of behavior manifesting itself across the nation. In many ways what is happening right now is very reminiscent of the period directly preceding our Civil War. Remember that Lincoln was the first Republican president and it was the Democratic Party that supported slavery. And now for those who want to know about the 3/5 compromise: http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/disp_textbook.cfm?smtID=3&psid=163


      3. You are funny Pat… “Also, there were millions of slaves who weren’t free and were considered 3/5 of a person.” What does this have to do with anything? Are you forgetting that hundreds of thousands of WHITE MEN from the northern states gave their lives to free the slaves? Does this mean nothing to you? Please tell everyone that their ultimate sacrifice means something to you and all the black people who are their descendants free by them? Just in case you need the numbers of the casualties: https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/civil-war-casualties In a college class I took on the Civil War, I learned this interesting fact: In the United States, every family in the country had lost at least 1 family member in the war. Imagine that today? Imagine that everyone you know and your family had lost at least 1 family member to a war? So don’t lecture us about white men’s commitment to equality and justice because we have written your rebuttal in rivers of blood and sacrifice.

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  2. I am thinking that someone did not do their due diligence when selecting a new title for the Aldermen. Turns out that according to Merriam Webster- ‘member’ is an alternate term for ‘penis’. I think that is quite masculine in nature, but it may be a more apt title for some of our Aldermen. Just sayin’.


  3. Several times I worked with the State President of NOW. She never objected to being called a State Committeeman. She referred to women as being precinct committeemen.
    Never have I met a female firefighter who did not take pride in being called a fireman.


  4. I wouldn’t call this ‘run amok’. Maybe ‘silliness’. Or ‘misprioritized’ given that there are much more important matters at hand. But other than it being unnecessary, there’s nothing particularly Wrong with it. I’d save ‘run amok’ for something that’s more oppressive, confusing, expensive or the like, which PC certainly can be at times.


  5. Pantagraph not allowing comments on today’s May 13 story concerning this matter. Likely more of this to come as Carrillo and her new mates waste more Council meeting time on silly stuff like this.

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