Is this Connects real problem?

By:  Diane Benjamin

PDF page 21

connect idot

Does this mean if expenses are cut, IDOT gives them less money?

I spoke to a retired driver.  He says he was overpaid – somewhere around $27 per hour.  He also told me stories of employees/contractors paid to leave.

Every year operating expenses increase meaning the IDOT subsidy increases.  There are no incentives for being fiscally responsible.

That is why budgeted loses increase every year!



6 thoughts on “Is this Connects real problem?

  1. MOST state entities “work” this way. When I worked at ISU we HAD to spend ALL our budget by the END of the fiscal year, or we didn’t get an increase & they’d cut the budget for the NEXT year-spend,spend,spend..


  2. Given that most of CT’s operating revenue comes from outside B-N and provides well-paying jobs, one could argue that it constitutes a small ‘economic engine’. A depraved one in that the money it brings in was first stolen from taxpayers and children all over Illinois (America?), through excessive taxes and debt, but still…
    I don’t like it either, but there is some sick but undeniable logic there…

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    1. Marge Schott (Now dead ex-owner of the Cincinnati Reds, her comment got her removed) once said something using a logic like what you mention. She said something along the lines that Hitler was good for Germany when you look at how he brought a country out of economic ruin in the 1920’s and 30’s. The ends don’t always justify the means.

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  3. So Disconnect gets monies from State of Illinois (taxpayer monies) and Bloomington/Normal both give them monies(taxpayer monies) Isnt this double taxation? If the taxpayers are subsidizing Disconnect and they DONT get a voice in the routes its running , isnt this TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION? Typical liberal mindset : steal taxpayers monies and tell them to shut the hell up and stop complaining.


    1. Town of Normal and City of Bloomington appoint most if not all of the Disconnect board. So while there are plenty of things to complain about, taxation without representation isn’t one of them.


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