Driving must end!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Guess where this statement is:


Even with insurance, gas, oil changes, and new tires every 2-3 years – anybody spend $8000 on maintenance a year?  “AAA” looks like a link, it doesn’t work.

This statement is on a website called GoodToGoMclean.org

It should be obvious who sponsors it, the guys with priorities other than road maintenance:


what is

This is a week-long event that ends on May 12th.  It probably isn’t too late to sign up and win prizes.

Of course, you will need at least twice as much time to get to where you are going to participate.

Evil subdivisions are also a problem, we all need to live stacked on top of each other:


This is from an email sent yesterday from the McLean County Regional Planning Commission:


How much productivity was lost by participants?  

16 thoughts on “Driving must end!

  1. Best guess regarding AAA, $8,000 could be about right if one figures about $0.60 per mile and around 13,000 miles annually… give or take on either number. Does not seem unreasonable. That of course does not include the effect of taxes and fees that are collected for road maintenances but spent elsewhere. Guess I could argue that lousy roads drive up the cost of car ownership (and public transportation) as well. Want to walk instead? Ever notice how many roads in Bloomington are not even accommodating to foot traffic? For example, try approaching Veterans from Vernon or GE Road with the intent to cross Veterans. It’s a life changing experience.

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  2. This initiative was conceived several years ago through Bike BloNo and led by WGLT’s Mike McCurdy. The intent of the effort is to get people thinking about using their personal cars less. When you tear the cover off, it’s more about getting people to become Eco supporters. This is the stuff you conceive when you don’t have families to raise or you are so wrapped up in political agendas.

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    1. Yes the left wants to turn the population into gender confused childless 3 room apartment dwellers who do what they are told for the “good” of the planet. They don’t want people with a full tank of gas and a firearm. They want Unicks who they can control.

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      1. Pretty much nailed it Neversilent. They want them stacked up, pretty much helpless and unable to leave anywhere quickly and relatively cheaply, and unable to do much of anything for themselves forcing them to rely upon outrageously costly “repair” people who can charge what they want since hardly anyone else can DO anything, having spent their time learning about the courting rituals of The people of oh let’s say Borneo in the early 16th century or are experts on the philosophical differences of Marx and Hegal but don’t know how to use a screwdriver or a toilet plunger with any success.


  3. THat’s WHY farmers in RURAL areas have TRUCKS! They are functional and can carry HEAVY stuff home for you, this is when the roads are in good shape, which MOST rural ones are..
    Good to go is such a self serving entity that it isn’t even worth wearing one’s ears out for..LET ALONE legs or BICYCLE!! Hummm, WONDER what bicycle maintenance for a year is vs a car in proportion to cost??
    Especially if you have one of those fancy TITANIUM bodied Fisher bicycles that they sell at some “uppity” bike shop..

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  4. Saved $200.00. Are you kidding. With Connect Transit losing close to 1 million dollars of taxpayer money each month that has to be the most stupid comment I have seen. Have they been inhaling too many fumes from the bus exhausts?

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  5. Locally-No Cars, No auto insurance. No auto loans. Think of the job loss for Car dealerships, Country Financial and State Farm. No jobs like that and no one can afford to eat out (or buy groceries). Only jobs will be government jobs. Who will pay for that? Am I missing something?

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  6. When I see that Renner sells his two Corvettes and Koos sells his diesel spewing BMW then I’ll think about it. When I see these two clowns on multiple occasions riding bicycles to and fro, then I’ll think about it. For about 10 seconds. Lol. Then I’ll laugh at these fools all the way to my next car payment and rejoice that I’m not a hypocritical idiot like them.

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  7. A well maintained car costs about $120 a year for oil changes!

    Now if you add the cost of gasoline, TAXES, insurance, etc… WHICH ARE NOT MAINTENANCE, you can clearly see through comrade McCurdy’s bullshit

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  8. As I have pointed out many times–Leftists ABSOLUTELY HATE the liberty, personal autonomy, and lack of government monitoring and control that private automobiles provide to citizens. That is why they will literally bankrupt units of government to support the most outrageously ignorant public transportation systems imaginable (see Connect Transit). If you think that your personal freedom to own and operate a vehicle is not under their direct assault daily, you are naive. They want you go from your 500 square foot , Soviet style apartment to your Government work camp packed into a smelly bus will freaks, deviants, illegals and felons, because those are their chosen constituency. They really hate you, productive free Americans, and want you punished.

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