Interactive crime map

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington Police Department has an interactive map of crimes:

Normal is not on this system.  They have their own version:

Bloomington’s map is fun to play with.  Want to know what neighborhoods look like targets of residential burglary?  You can see it.  Where are the most DUI’s issued?  See the map!

Other cities around the country are on this system too.  A disclaimer says statistics are updated every two weeks.  You can specify a time period to check.

Check it out!





6 thoughts on “Interactive crime map

  1. Why no stats on gunfire ? What I understand there is more going on than what is posted on this site.
    It would be wonderful for this site to be truthful and updated daily.


  2. Looks like ole Jen Carillo has a future in cleaning up “her” ward.. She DID state she wanted to “uplift” the downtrodden. This would be a GREAT start!


  3. The BIG problem, at least with FBI crime statistics, is that they are entirely self reporting, unaudited, with no penalty for lying–and it is not in the interest of local law informant to tell their citizens how bad things really are.

    Also, in our PC world, the crime statistics you will NEVER see, but would absolutely enrage you, are the ethnic background and/or immigration status of the perpetrators. In many communities, 2 “groups” make up over 85%–including Bloomington a few years ago, when an honest officer risks his career to quietly get the truth out. Doubt things have changed much–maybe gotten worse.

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