She’s Back!

By:  Diane Benjamin

This event has ZERO to do with honoring veterans.  Nikita Richards is raising money so she can run for office again.  Why is she still using contact information for the race she lost last November?  “The Change You Deserve” was rejected by voters.  

If you plan to attend, read the fine print.

Via Facebook:  Nikita Richards – The Change You Deserve


16 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Support our veterans by giving money to this woman? I support our veterans and I have given both time and money to help them. This is an abomination… using “helping veterans” to raise money for her next attempt to grab power for her victim class of con artists.

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  2. SHE is an INSULT to VETERANS!! No one with ANY grain of integrity would put on some “gala” by THEMSELVES and say it was a “Veterans affiliated event” This is just plain self-serving. But then again it seems that to BE a politician in Illinois one HAS to be that way..

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  3. That’s the biggest scam I have ever seen using our military vets to throw money in her campaign! Of course the new Obama worshiping Muslim Attorney General will do NOTHING about this. This is so corrupt!


      1. This must be from the playbook of AOC holding a 5k for climate change causes when the money goes into her campaign coffers.


  4. Support our veterans by making genreous donations to my campaign four years from now. SCAM is the first thought I had reading this. What a jerk that woman is!

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  5. Militarism is becoming a bit too prevalent in the political arena. To use our beloved Flag for personal gain,
    is profoundly wrong. My friends, there is a vast difference between patriotism and militarism. We must set aside our emotions and use our intellects to counteract some of the situations that are arising in our rapidly changing nation. What would the Prince of Peace have to say about us ?


  6. Nikita Richards. Can you just go away and quit pretending you are somebody the majority agrees with.


    1. Anything that can give her power and a big salary by attempting to create imaginary victims and division where no division existts. This is of course the modus operandi of the current Democratic Party.

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  7. This is no surprise. I have always believed our community is under political siege by Chicago types wanting to turn the county blue and making sure their hand-picked operatives are those running for office. Where do you think Carrillo came from? IPA is the organization used to make it happen along with assistance from organized labor leadership. Don’t think Matejka and the Penn family aren’t involved either

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    1. Union members need to wake up. The continued addition of illegal immigration adds to the over supply of cheap labor costing them jobs and keeping wages down. The demon rats (democrats) will destroy the good old boys who like to hunt and fish by taking guns and raising fees. Kiss the ring if you have to do it to work but once you get in the voting booth be aware of contributing to your own demise.

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  8. this is a page from AOC playbook. a couple of weeks ago AOC had a “fun family run” parents and minors participated in the “fun run” and unknowingly contributed to AOC’s coffers. Sounds like Richards has no original ideas.


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