Character: Koos vrs Tiritilli

By:  Diane Benjamin

As reported yesterday, at Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting Marc Tiritilli asked Mayor Koos about the vacant seat representing Normal on the Connect Transit Board.  Marc claimed he asked for the appointment 5 weeks ago, the seat is still empty at a time it needs filled.  Many citizens are not happy with the route changes and fee increases the current board is promoting.  This board needs someone representing the people who desperately need this service.

Connect Transit has a public meeting of the new Working Group this Saturday, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Normal Public Library Community Room located at 206 W. College Ave.

Because Koos has failed to appoint anyone to the empty seat, Normal will be under-represented at this meeting.

Tiritilli spelled out his qualifications for the seat when he spoke Monday.  WJBC recapped his comments:     WJBC story

Marc Tiritilli is willing to volunteer his time.  Chris Koos has not acted to appoint this more than qualified representative.

Who has more character?

Who is the true public servant?

Why hasn’t Marc been appointed Mayor?

Koos’ response will answer these questions!  Stay tuned.




10 thoughts on “Character: Koos vrs Tiritilli

  1. King Koos is showing that it isn’t even close. Although I no longer live in Normal, I will be celebrating when Marc wins the next mayoral election.

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  2. MARC FOR MAYOR, and may KOOS go the way of the DODO!!
    There SHOULD be a contest to see WHICH council person/mayor in BOTH towns are MORE full of themselves. It would be a TOUGH competition!!
    As for US citizens, we don’t even get ANY of the cake they have at THEIR parties that WE pay for!

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  3. Everybody go with either a torch or a pitchfork. Contact the non local media and tell them there is going to be demonstration at the Normal Library, that would get some coverage. Tell the local Socio Demos, maybe they’d start a riot.


    1. People get let go from jobs for a variety of reasons. If you know all the particulars, please enlighten. More often than not, personality conflicts are a major reason for firings, not job incompetence. The man was a physics teacher so I doubt lack of knowledge of his discipline was a reason. Seems like he had the support of his students and many of his students parents. Knowing the education community, he wasn’t willing to prostitute himself anymore to our the political correctness and paid for it.

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    2. As noted below Koos….(JON) Tiritilli has the respect of those he served by teaching. You however have never understood you are to serve the people and you do not have their respect. What is your qualification Chris as mayor? You ride a bike and know how to waste money while ignoring your people. While that may be a qualification list for a lot of politicians, hopefully you will find as an epitaph to your unfortunate time (for the people) as mayor. RIP

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  4. If you have ever had any contact with Koos on any matter, it doesn’t take long to realize he is extremely thin-skinned and intolerant of any views that do not match his own. To be fair, he was more gracious to people during his first term. However, the longer he has stuck around, the worse his personality has got. No pleasure dealing with him at his bike shop either. That said, his brother he even more insufferable and egotistical than he is. Possibly a passed down family trait.

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    1. Great point, unlike Koos Tiritilli had and has the respect of those he served thru teaching. Koos loses in two points, he forgot (probably never understood) he is supposed to serve the people and he definitely does not have the respect. .

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