Swearing in – Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Unlike Bloomington, the swearing in of the two new members and one returning to the Council in Normal was on video.  All three took an oath to uphold both the Federal Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Illinois.

The State in the Illinois version contains this statement which should be the guide for all spending decisions:


I wonder if anyone in Normal can explain this expense:


Were the taxpayers of Normal forced to pay for Koos to attend this:



This expense is on the bills approved on Monday:  http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3285

If it was a public purpose, shouldn’t the public get a report?

Watch the swearing in below – just hit play:



3 thoughts on “Swearing in – Normal

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    “Civic I/O is a network of innovators and instigators committed to the hard work of progressing their cities. United by a common drive and ambition, civic leaders join together to help each other imagine and realize what is truly possible, altering the course of their city’s future and making a lasting impact.”


  2. And throwing expensive parties on the public dime to celebrate their retirements!!
    Just like the pigs they are slopping at the pubic trough!

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