Another government advertising on Connect buses!

By:  Diane Benjamin

This picture was taken today.  The event being advertised was 3 days ago.  Worse, it looks like Illinois State University paid for it!

Nobody in the private sector wants their name on a bus?  So far only Downtown Bloomington, WGLT, and ISU want their names associated with Connect Transit!

ct nurse

5 thoughts on “Another government advertising on Connect buses!

  1. There is one UGLY “wrap” that is a Young America Realty one. Only one I’ve REALLY paid attention to, as you can’t miss it as it’s so busy!


  2. Only publicly funded entities are dumb enough to spend money on putting signs on buses. The advertising value is next to zero. No for-profit company would waste their money on silly advertising like this. It is 2019 and if it is not on a computer or a smart phone it is not going to reach anyone in any kind of significant way. This is just the transfer of money between tax payer thieves.


  3. I like your site and appreciate what you do. I just wanted to let you know that I have seen at least one Connect Transit completely wrapped with Young America Realty. So there is at least one private company advertising on the buses.

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