10 Minute meetings in Normal are over

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos buddy Dave Shields is livid he got beat in the last election.  See 12:50.  He decided to tear into Stan Nord for “lying” at Public Comment.  Hey Dave – you said New York leads the states in out migration.  According to this link New York is 4th, New Jersey is first with Illinois second.  https://investorplace.com/2019/01/states-people-are-leaving/

Still want to go after Stan?  You and Koos lost big, the people spoke – both of you need to get over it.

The next three speakers were upset with Connect Transit changing routes and raising fees.  Lesson:  Socialist programs are for the benefit of the collective, not individuals.  Connect is not capable of providing services to the targeted population that needs their services.  They want solar panels and grants to spend more instead.  There were stories of people and businesses who moved to be on a bus route that have or will be eliminated.  The Board members don’t represent the people who need transportation.

Marc Tiritilli spoke last. (25:45) One of his issues was the vacant seat on Connect Transit’s Board representing Normal.  Marc asked to be appointed 5 weeks ago, the seat is still vacant, Koos refuses to appoint him.  Marc does have experience with riding buses.  Koos must not want competent leadership on the Board.  The citizens need to demand Marc gets appointed!

FYI:  If you are 60 or older – try Faith In Action.  Volunteer to give rides or get one for free.  https://bnfia.org/services

The days of bobble-head Trustees racing to approve whatever is before them is officially over.  

Stan Nord made waves by pulling the bills from the consent agenda.  See 32:00.  He wanted the payment to Connect Transit, $75,000, pulled because Connect has failed to serve the people who need it.  He wants the money only paid to Connect when changes are made to support the people who need the services, not the people who can afford to drive but choose not to.  Nord was also upset about the rent paid for 1 Uptown Circle.  He will probably bring this up every month until the lease is revised, sublet, or cancelled.  The Town is paying $422,000 a year to lease space for 19 people.

The developer is probably in default since the entire first floor is still empty.

Nord also brought up the charging stations.  We found out they are free to use.  Tesla pays for the ones Tesla owners use.  The Town charges their electric vehicles (14 of them).  Anyone else gets free electricity while paying no motor fuel tax.  Koos claimed the cost of installing equipment to charge for the electricity prevented it when the parking garages were built, but it can be revisited.

The CDBG money was also discussed.  Last year nobody took advantage of the $3000 down payment subsidies!  The County, Bloomington, and Normal are in the process of preparing the next 5 year request for funds.  If you still haven’t taken the planning survey, take it now:  https://form.jotform.com/90654486550160

Stan Nord brought up one more issue.  A Veterans Memorial was left behind when the Council moved to their new fancy digs years ago.  It needs to be moved.  Chris Koos said is easily could be.  People will be watching to see if it happens.  This is it:


Some of the other Trustees didn’t get the message from the last election either.

Listen to Chemberly Cummings tell all of you that she is “governing”, not campaigning.  Just hit play below.

Do you elect representatives to “govern” or “represent”?  Chemberly, Stan and Karyn were elected because you and the others do not represent.  The opinions of the homeowners around the location of the new fire station were ignored.  The citizens wanting the mural preserved were ignored.  The incentives and free land given to developers continues while the citizens get tax and fee increases.  1 Uptown Circle main floor is still vacant.  Affordable housing in Normal is $4000 a month and subsidized by citizens.

Cumming’s tone was condescending at best.  After listening to her, fast forward to 51:50.  Kathleen Lorenz wants to meet in private with citizens.  She thinks one-on-one meetings solve problems.  Kevin McCarthy echoed her comments.   See the list above Kathleen and Kevin.   Not a one of them has been “fixed”.  The citizens of Normal sent a loud message April 2nd:





15 thoughts on “10 Minute meetings in Normal are over

  1. Hahaha, I’d save this video for the Dave Shields commentary. Gees! Talk about a big baby! He’ll lose more votes with this demonstration than any gain. And then he finishes with a quote from Rua Paul? Or is it “Roo?” Lol. What a grand display of a poor loser.

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  2. Shields is JUST a beginning in a LOOONG line of UPTOWN LOSERS!
    Dis connect transit NEEDS to START listening to the people who USE it AND DEPEND on it.. As a person who has friends who need it for Dr appointments, grocery shopping, etc, They ALL tell me it’s just easier and LESS TIME CONSUMING to walk or get a ride from a friend or such. “R” tells me it takes him over an hour just to get across town from downtown.. He says he can walk it in 45 minutes.. also, he states that it takes longer to get to a Dr appointment then the WHOLE waiting and seeing the Dr.
    I SUPPORT Stan and others who are FINALLY telling KOOS and his minions WHAT NEEDS to be done to bring “Quality of life” to all concerned.
    And please explain to me WHY a bus line needs solar panels?? That’s about the 101st Mountaineers needing an ice machine..

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  3. Mr Shields proved the citizens of Normal made the right decision. We don’t need more emotionally-driven leftists on this Council.

    Yes Mr. Shields….”when someone tells you who they are, believe them”….and we do. Which is why Stan Nord is on the Council, and you aren’t.

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  4. Mr Shields actually quotes RuPaul…in his comments to the Council. Normal made the right decision putting Nord on the Council.


  5. The establishment’s hair is on fire! This is awesome! It’s clear that Koos & Co. don’t want any spending item discussed in front of citizens. Hmm…wonder why they don’t want to discuss these (or most other) spending items. Could it be that they cannot support their spending with logical arguments? Shields came across as a sore loser by naming calling rather than making logical arguments in support of the items in question. Marc was his usual prepared self…articulate, on-point, and respectful of the Council and process. Shields just made himself even more unelectable.

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    1. … and Stan was impressively gracious about it – I overheard when the press asked him about it after the meeting and he bore no ill will and remained quite willing to work with Dave if a matter came before the board where Dave might have some expertise or other useful input.
      A clear juxtaposition of candidates, imo.

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  6. Lol I had a hard time not laughing when Shields was up there crying. Can someone say sore loser? Holy cow, he just got up there and whined. He sounded like Hillary Clinton and every other leftist who can’t take losing. As for Cummings, good god her preaching is so annoying. I can’t stand when politicians try to talk down to citizens. That’s all she learns about when she goes off to these random conferences. I feel like Preston knew what he was doing by not saying a word all night. If anyone noticed, Cummings was rolling her eyes for most of the public comments and when Stan/Karyn were talking about expenses. She’s upset that the status quo is gone and now things will be questioned. Also, it was pretty disappointing, yet not surprising, when the press swarmed Shields at the end to get more on his comments.


  7. It is interesting to note that the City Manager of Normal sits next to the Mayor and actually participates
    in the meetings. Bloomington has a city manager city council form of government. Mayor Renner, should this be the same procedure for YOUR council.


  8. It is wonderful that Stan Nord is actually working for the taxpayers of Normal instead of the Corporation of Normal and their overpaid “community partners” who enjoy years of slopping out of the public trough.
    To Dave Shields… GTH!

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  9. Oh my goodness, Shields comments are priceless! Mr. Nord needs to ask him to appear at each meeting and speak. He is a great reminder of how important it is to vote.

    Hopefully Mr. Nords presence (and Mr. Shields) will motivate other conservatives to get involved.

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  10. Stan Nord will be a huge thorn in King Koos side and I hope he ramps it up and makes himself a nuisance to him and the members. GREAT JOB SO FAR STAN! Keep it up!

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