The Cost to LEAVE Illinois goes up!

By:  Diane Benjamin

We know people are leaving Illinois.  We also know the people in charge think they can fix everything with higher taxes.  Illinois is spiraling out of control while those who can take steps to reverse the course have their heads buried deep in propaganda.  Never forget what party is in complete control of the state.  Think it’s bad now, wait until 50% of the budget goes to pensions.  Property taxes will skyrocket because the State won’t be able to fund schools.

Ready to leave?

Let’s say you want to rent a small UHaul  because you are moving to Nashville Tn.  How much is it going to cost?

Bloomington to Nashville

Compare that to the cost of renting the same truck in Nashville to move to Bloomington:

Nashville to Bloomington

It costs more to rent in Bloomington because there is a UHaul shortage in Illinois.  The trucks leave and never return.

People, incomes, and taxes are leaving with them. 

I did this quote last night, the information does expire.  You can check quotes here:

7 thoughts on “The Cost to LEAVE Illinois goes up!

  1. Not to say I’ve investigated it, but . . . If you are within reasonable driving distance and have the means, purchase a 7×14 foot cargo trailer, which has more cubic feet of space than that small UHaul. This enables you to make more than one trip if necessary. When you are done, these trailers hold their value really well, at least over the short term. You could then sell it to someone else from IL and recoup most of your purchase price. Almost certainly you’d be out less than the $600 for that smaller UHaul.


  2. Going to an out-of-state reunion this year. Maybe I should look into carpooling there and getting paid to drive a U-Haul back!

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  3. Our property taxes increased over $300, most of which is going to pensions, as stated on the property tax bill.


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