BLM: You bailed out this guy?

By:  Diane Benjamin

For Mother’s Day Black Lives Mater bailed out a mom already out on bond for retail theft in Springfield.  She was arrested for the same thing here and for having her baby with her when she did it.

Keep in mind, everything you buy is more expensive to cover the losses from people who “shop” without paying.

I found it intriguing when Black Lives Mater announced on Facebook they had bailed out a dad for Father’s Day.  No Live stream, no video, no name, no Pantagraph article.

I filed a FOIA request for Black males bailed out right before Father’s Day and who bailed them out.  It wasn’t difficult to figure out who they freed.  They were advertising as late as the Friday before for names of possible dads.

According to this WGLT article, a lady named Olivia Butts was involved in the Mother’s Day bailout:

My FOIA listed her name bailing out a guy named Artese Rodgers.  I don’t think it’s a very big stretch to say he is the guy BLM bailed.  I can see why they didn’t make a big deal about getting him out of jail!

His bail was $10,000 of which $1,000 had to be posted, this is a record of his latest arrest:

In 2017 he was arrested for domestic battery.

In 2014 he was arrested for Manufacturer/ Delivery of Cocaine, same with some narcotic, possession of a controlled substance. and resisting a police officer.

He had a 2005 arrest for forgery.

Rodgers record goes clear back to 1995 for battery and criminal trespass.

There are lots of other entries for other encounters with police, some just traffic violations and some are more drug charges.

Black Lives Matter used this picture announcing their latest release:

This caption accompanied the picture:

Note the hashtag #EndMoneyBail.  BLM is evidently for “Catch and Release”.

Rodgers was in jail with bail required to make sure he shows up for court. He had a court date today at 11:00.  From the County website, it looks like he was arrested in May.  His bail may have been reduced in June, a hearing to reduce bail is listed.

I hope Black Lives Matters is supervising his release.  If he shows up for all court dates they can get their money back.

Does BLM want no bail for anyone arrested for murder too?









19 thoughts on “BLM: You bailed out this guy?

  1. I would post a comment but regardless of what I say I would be accused of being a racist. Can’t help myself Bloomington Normal used to be a bedroom community not any more with all the shootings and murders. For some time it has been felt that a breakdown in the family unit meaning no father figure in the family thus creating young people with no respect for following the laws of our land. What you have is this father bailed out of jail with how many arrests is he going to be the father figure that his children will follow? You wonder why many children are out of control today, this father figure is your answer. Girls if you are not going to have a hard working honest father for your children stop getting pregnant time and time again!


    1. Someone with a history of domestic violence is not likely to celebrate Father’s Day with any of his children. This bail-out program is nothing more than another “feel good” activity for people who want a lawless society where no one is accountable.

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  2. BLM is part of the coalition who want to interfere with law enforcement in the form of a “Citizen Review Board.” They are part of the coalition in support of the “Welcoming Ordinance.” The ordinance meant to protect illegal activity. They do not support justice.
    Where are their actions to curb local gun violence in the Black community? Why weren’t they active in locating/identifying the murderers who are now nowhere to be found?
    BLM is slowly but surely losing local credibility.


  3. Perhaps you should report this threat to Law Enforcement. I find this type of comment
    profoundly unacceptable. Do you happen to have Rimmy’s address ? Turn about is fair play!


      1. You have my support, and my respect for the work that you continue to do. Thank you and please keep up the good work that you do for the betterment of our society

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      2. I am pretty sure that spelling is right. Is he also the one that claims he is black and that you assaulted him?


      3. I thought I read a comment from somebody saying you “assaulted” him at a protest or rally of some sort. The commenter claimed he was a black man. Maybe I am mistaken. Anyway, is he the one that is posting things like this? I think he needs to be called out.


      4. Maybe post a blog entry listing all of the nasty comments and threats you have received over the years along with their email addresses. These people thrive on living in the shadows and until they get called out, they will keep on doing it.


  4. Wonderful we NOW have “charity” groups letting DRUG DEALERS and people who ASSALT others out of jail. Isn’t this just peachy. Funny how when BLACK people make comedy of black people (i.e.:Richard Prior) it’s comedy, etc, but when WHEN white people do it we’re racist “crackers” …. I’m pretty sure this $1,000 could have gone to a WAY better source then getting a PLAIN AND SIMPLE THIEF out of jail!
    Wonder where Jen stands on THIS issue?? Or Nikki..


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