Who is going to sue Normal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m betting the Town of Normal has a problem:  Discrimination!

Is it legal to pass an ordinance that tells some people they HAVE to do something while others people don’t have to?

That is exactly what the Normal Town Council did last night.  They have a legal department, did anybody check to see if what they passed is legal?

The ordinance passed says owners of multi-family properties MUST offer recycling services or be fined $100 a day.

Residents who live in single family houses or duplexes in Normal are NOT required to recycle!

How is this not:   Business owners can’t sit at the lunch counter? 

If you own a business renting apartments in Normal, you are being DISCRIMINATED against.  Equal justice under the law?

I don’t thinks so, but I just play lawyer occasionally in court.

The rules for residents are listed on the Town website:   http://www.normal.org/FAQ.aspx?TID=33

No fine if residents choose not to recycle!

The Town can’t say residents are already paying for the service since residents have to buy a $60 cart with yellow lid if they want curb side recycling. See #17 on the website.  If the cart was free, they could make that claim.

Maybe all those apartment owners can get together and file a class action discrimination suit.












5 thoughts on “Who is going to sue Normal?

  1. As to your question “they have a legal department, did anyone check to see if what they passed is legal?” Come on Diane, the city of Normal Attorney is Brian Day! Who cares if it’s legal. They’re going to do what they’re going to do and they’ll fight it in court if they have to. With a very weak defense, might I add!

    So, yes your question is appropriate. Who is going to sue?

    As for residents who live in single family dwellings not being required to recycle, just give them time to mandate it. We’re paying for it whether we choose to do it or not.

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