ISU must not teach capitalism

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town Council meeting lasted more than 10 minutes last night!  It actually went over an hour because of the mandatory recycling ordinance.

ISU kids showed up to demand their right to recycle.  Some called it a necessity, one claimed she had to drive 5-10 minutes to drop hers off and that was a burden.  (Horror!)

I suggest every multi-family landlord in Normal automatically raise rent at least $50 a month now.  These snowflakes need to know their “rights” cost money.  Some implied the landlord needs charged.  Duh kids, your rent is going up.  One suggested landlords could cut back on marketing items like wrapping a Connect Transit bus and shirts.  One kid brought in a binder with 3000 signatures from students demanding recycling.

Two people did speak against the ordinance.  The live stream hiccupped around 11:10 cutting off one student and part of a guy who spoke against it. The posted video has the same problem.  The guy works at ISU and claims the kids could easily recycle on campus.    Steve Snyder, part owner of a large complex in Normal, said the one size fits all ordinance isn’t practical because it mandates a recycle bin next to every trash container.  The snowflakes could lose 28 parking spots because of it.

That same sentiment was voiced by Trustee Kathleen Lorenz.  She wanted the Council to hold more discussions with stakeholders to get the ordinance right.  Trustee Jeff Fritzen agreed with her, Scott Preston was absent.  The other members all agreed government has the right to control private businesses, even if what is proposed isn’t practical for all.

These kids were raised believing government would save the environment.  Their responsibility to recycle doesn’t include going a little out of their way to accomplish it.  Personal responsibility isn’t required.  They need a lesson in regulations strangle free markets, they need to see for themselves the consequences of their “rights”.  Normal discontinued 4 locations for drop off because of budget cuts.  Last night Koos, McCarthy, Cummings, an McBride mandated the kids pay more to live in Normal even if recycling wasn’t a budget priority for them.

Mandated recycling was sold to the Council as a “LAST RESORT” when the solid waste plan was passed just a few months ago.  We all knew it wouldn’t be.  If there is a market for glass, plastic, cardboard, and paper, why hasn’t some entrepreneur already placed recycling containers at complexes?  Why not one just for beer bottles and cans? (see public comment)

Raise rents now landlords.  Include a message to the kids saying the Town of Normal forced you to do it.

Just hit play below to hear the Public Comment.  Actual business probably took 5 minutes, the Council discussion took up the rest of the meeting.  Fast forward a little if you want to hear the Council comments.


17 thoughts on “ISU must not teach capitalism

  1. These kids have mommy and daddy paying their rent, so will never notice the rent increases until they’re financially independent. Then they’ll cry about lack of affordable housing. Sad.


  2. We in the people’s republic of Normal are loosing our freedoms one Council meeting at a time. Also last night was a vote to expand nonsmoking further from private property. Never mind the cigarette tax smokers are paying.

    Anybody can go to ISU and get 3,000 signatures on a petition. It’s not that hard. Most sign with no thought whatsoever to what they’re signing. Yes, ISU students have heads that are that full of mush. They are after all learning political science from Eric Rankin.

    As for the extra expense in rent most students could care less. They’re not paying it themselves. Either their parents are paying it or they’re tacking it onto their student loan or both.

    Some day when they enter the real world and have to start paying government imposed fees and taxes maybe then they’ll wake up. But, don’t count on it. This morning they have a nice warm fuzzy feeling that they’ve made a difference in the world and have the listening ear of RC McBride who is all too proud of himself for this heavy handed government regulation.

    Remember that next April!

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  3. Synder is crafty. I think a separate and distinct line item on the rental agreement that reads “Recycling Fee” would send a message.

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    1. That’s what I’m recommending to any landlords I encounter. Specifics may vary, but it’ll be between $10 and $50 a month.
      Which reminds me – students last night commented on greedy landlords gouging them whenever possible, but they failed to notice that if renters really did want recycling, those same landlords could already be collecting that extra income, but for some reason they choose Not to?!?


      1. These kids who complain of price gouging…who do they think pays when they leave a ton of crap behind when they move? Landlords have to pay for extra hauls I would guess.


  4. McBride says this is the one issue he’s heard most about since he’s been on the council. Clearly he isn’t listening to the residents who’ve been talking about roads, taxes and frivolous spending. Obviously, we need to be louder so RC hears us.

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    1. Should we interrupt him while eating at a local restaurant? That seems to be popular on the national political stage.


  5. These students hopefully will learn with actions there are consequences. I do hope that rent rates go up due to this or maybe a “:recycling” surcharge is noted on their rent bill. But like Cavewomen says mommy and daddy are paying for this so…. Off topic but, to those ex-students crying about the paying back of student loans….they can only thank those like the ones who signed the petition for this and many other thingxs that has caused the cost of education to skyrocket.

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  6. I was the Real anti-fascist speaker who was cut off in the video. Most of my comments came from my post in yesterday’s commentary under Attacking the Poor in Normal.


  7. The reporting in the Pantagraph has McBride referencing that there was consensus to mandate recycling as part of the budget discussions. The Town Council had already decided to make recycling mandatory at that time. That decision let them remove the drop-off locations.

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    1. When McBride, Koos, and friends say “consensus” they mean among their elitist circle, not the greater population of Normal residents.

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      1. I know that! “Consensus” is accomplished through intimidation behind closed doors long before the item is placed on the agenda.


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