Democrat Jocularity!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Erik Rankin is on the McLean County Board.  He is also the local Democratic Party Chairman.  Democrats are VERY outnumbered on the County Board.  VERY!

Since Jason Chambers ran on the Republican Party ticket for State’s Attorney, his replacement until the next election has to be a Republican.

Ranken was on WJBC  telling them who should replace Chambers:

Note to GOP:

Rankin doesn’t care about picking the most qualified person.  He wants you to pick somebody a Democrat can beat!

He picked Don Knapp – I’ve already written about him:

He also picked Jessica Woods, she currently works in the Civil Division of the State’s Attorney office and has limited experience prosecuting anyone.  She has lots of letters of recommendation I hear, I wonder how many are from Democrats?

All I know about Jessica is she answers my FOIA requests.  She has also made it clear in emails that her office doesn’t investigate before prosecuting government.  Since nobody else will investigate, local laws for government don’t matter.

Since Rankin would be happy with either of the above, the GOP should not give him what he wants.

Chairman John McIntyre gets to recommend somebody to the whole Board.  He failed to get the facts right in Downs, I hope he does better this time.

(If you missed all those stories, just type Downs in the Search box on

I don’t see anything on the County website inviting people to apply.  Is this going to be a backroom deal John?










7 thoughts on “Democrat Jocularity!

  1. Does the possibility exist for using resources of ISU for partisan politics ? ie. email, copying, student interns seeking favoritism for supporting Democratic candidates, not to mention using state time to politic. Some of these circumstances may have occurred at the Political Science Department at IWU.


  2. McLean County has been a bastion of Republicans since 1856 when many Democrats became Republicans to support Lincoln and his beliefs, as did most of the Whigs. When you look at the numbers, the local GOP doesn’t really need the students. Is it possible that most GOP have a different set of ethics than some of the local Neo-Democrat party members.


  3. Jane Foster is actively pursuing the State’s Attorney position. From her resume, she appears very qualified and is currently a prosecutor in Decatur.

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    1. Jane has been a fixture of the legal system in McLean country for years. It is troubling though that there is always a cloud of controversy and potential wrong doing that follows wherever she goes. Additionally, I know people who have worked with her in the past. They say she is difficult to get along with. She seems to be a loose cannon.


  4. Vasu from Decatur, Gleason from Decatur, now Foster might be coming from Decatur,,,ugh! This town will be known for importing Decatur stench. Ugh!


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