The next State’s Attorney

By:  Diane Benjamin

This note is on the McLean County State’s Attorney website:

Sources tell me the State’s Attorney job is mostly administrative, I don’t buy it.  If the State’s Attorney has never tried a case or prosecuted anyone, how can they know the people they are supervising are competent?  I bet prosecuting the “most dangerous criminals” doesn’t include those who work for government.  Government officials who violate the law are just as dangerous because losing faith in government when laws don’t apply to them unravels the civil society.

One of the people being considered to replace Jason Chambers is Don Knapp.  Don is a really nice guy and takes whatever job he has very seriously.  Don used to be in the Civil Division of the State’s Attorney’s office, but months ago he became the Assistant County Administrator.  He moved to that job so he could train to replace Bill Wasson who will be retiring in less than a year.

Two problems:  Don has never tried a case in court, according to my sources.  Second, Making Don the State’s Attorney leaves a void in managing the County.  It would be very difficult to get another person ready to replace Bill Wasson before he retires.

The County has cut their budget and cut staff.  McLean County deserves a State’s Attorney who can prosecute case if necessary.  I know they do in other counties.  Don Knapp will make an excellent replacement for Bill Wasson.  He needs to stay on the track he picked to prevent transition problems when Wasson retires.

The County Board will make the decision.  Don Knapp is highly respected and has work closely with them.  The Board needs to understand managing the County without transition problems is vital.  Having a prosecutor run the State’s Attorney office is just as vital.

Congrats on re-filing charges against Bart Rogers in the Coliseum case.  I hope they stick this time.  One of the other defendants wants his charges dropped now too.










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