Tari’s antics continue

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to the Pantagraph (I actually cite sources), Renner is calling a special meeting July 9th to discuss the welcoming ordinance.

Of course, he will have to waste more money holding it at the BCPA.  Since threats of violence have been made (yes, you Jenn Carrillo), police officers will have to attend.

The “welcoming ordinance” people want one thing:  Open borders.  They don’t care that illegal immigration drives down wages because illegals will work for less money.  They don’t care that some of those people trying to cross the border are child traffickers.  They don’t care that some are gang members.  They don’t care that some of those kids are NOT with their parents.

Essentially:  Facts don’t matter, it’s all feelings.

Tari Renner wants to give his ilk another chance to bully the Council.  The Council should sit this one out.  The council took away his ability to put this back on the agenda, so he fires back with a special meeting.  The Council should stay home, come for the second meeting, skip Renner’s dog and pony show.

According to FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), the cost of illegal immigration is $116 Billion a year.  See their calculations here:   https://www.fairus.org/issue/publications-resources/fiscal-burden-illegal-immigration-united-states-taxpayers

Jenn Carrillo thinks it’s evil to separate families.  Taxpayers think it’s evil to force them to pay for people with no legal right to be here.

The rag had a live stream from the beginning of yesterday’s rally in Uptown.  Sonny Garcia, Illinois People’s Action, had to teach the crowd how to behave.  He taught them phrases to chant in SPANISH.  If you ever attended a TEA Party rally, attendees didn’t have to be taught anything.  They attended because their country was under attack, the first local rally had over 500 people.  There are more people who believe laws matter than those who want government by “feelings”.

Renner’s antics continue to be those of a tyrant.  He wants to FORCE the Council to comply.  Resist they must!

Want to know why Carrillo still has a job?

The YWCA no longer stands for anything:  https://www.ywca.org/about/history/

They took Christ out of their name.  It shows.








7 thoughts on “Tari’s antics continue

  1. Carrillo has publicly advocated violence. Mayor Tari (Terry) is advocating sedition. And we have had them on this site telling us they HATE us and can hardly wait until we die. Publicly advocating the usurping of Federal Immigration law, threatening violence on our president and law makers and wishing we all die. What is next? Rounding up conservatives and putting us into reeducation camps? Welcome to the face of the progressive left. Brown shirts in the making.

      1. I am sure it has been… the left is getting whipped into a frenzy that most likely will not end well. The Supreme Court vacancy is causing liberal heads to explode all over the country. Some of these people are losing their minds (literally). And yes this is exactly why we need to keep our guns….

  2. There is not one dimes worth of difference between the ideology of Jenn Carillo and Tari Renner. Both have VERY close ties to Antifa Terrorists. They are both blood thirsty Communists who want Conservatives, Capitalists, and Christians dead. Tari is just a bit “slicker” than Jenn–or maybe just more gutless. I predict that there will be a politically based assassination of a prominent McLean County Conservative within the next year.
    May be you, may be me….but they are coming for us!

  3. Tari AND his poster buddy Jen Carillo BOTH want to DEMAND that we OBEY and FOLLOW! That is NOT how democracy works! And as for these kind of people they SHOULD be charged with HATE CRIMES or other such charges as need be!
    Inciting violence MAY sound funny to a brainless socialist, but once some crazed gun wielding lunatic gets ahold of this kind of rhetoric, the game REALLY gets upped. As we saw at the Maryland newspaper today. THINK about it Jen AND Tari. Yeah what yea sow SO shall yea REAP! it’s called KARMA!

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