Attacking the poor in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight Normal may prove government destroys affordable housing.

On the agenda is mandatory recycling for all multi-family housing.  Non-compliance fines are $100 per day!  Who MUST recycle:

Attacking the poor is so easy when ideology rules over common sense.  Affordable housing will become even less affordable.  Where is the League of Women Voters?  Didn’t they claim there isn’t enough affordable housing not that long ago?

Keep in mind the Town of Normal quit paying for drop off locations in April because they needed to cut their budget.  Koos wants to tell the poor to pay up while Normal has other priorities.

Bills for payment tonight:

This is the guy really running the Town of Normal.  He got almost $21,000 in April:

Hile Group is the Form Based Code pusher.  It might be interesting to see what they were pushing here:

Lunch and a grant!

Think those Uptown FREE events are really free?  At the last meeting payments totaling $9100.00 were approved.  Add that to the below

On the bright side – this is a list of roads for resurfacing this year:




  1. garibaldi says:

    The town doesn’t need the poor for this issue so they will treat as they really feel about them.

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  2. BN Deserves Better says:

    Are the music concerts held inside the vacant building at 1 Uptown Circle? I wonder how much insight Lyle brings to the table from his office in Florida. Did we mention there’s no state income tax in Florida? Lyle is cleaning house with our money.

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  3. Wow. All of that music for that amount?? That’s a bargain! You know…you can have the best roads in the world. But if there’s nowhere to go or nothing to do, what’s the point. Great job, Town of Normal!!


    • The Town of Normal charged people that didn’t attend, plus they have totally cut entrepreneurs out of the entertainment industry in Normal. I knew you would approve Rich.


      • Of course he does – he is, I am sure in favor of “right fit” musicians being showcased for the elite few who attend these little “productions” No “outsiders” need to even apply is basically the rule with that little set-up they have had for years. I’m not demeaning the musicians themselves and some may just be playing the game for exposure but it sure discourages a lot of “others” who are not “the right fit”.


    • Meidaghpst says:

      You are like the person who buys something they don’t need because it is on sale. Won’t use it but by gawd I got one helluva bargain. Dumb….Dumb….Dumb. Plus there are more reasons besides entertainment for one to need good roads. Maybe you don’t work for a living so this would be unknown for you, but since you are always looking for something to do or troll it makes sense you would think such….Rich.


  4. IF there was so much money in recycling, everyone would be doing it. I’d like to see what the truck, fuel, employee salaries and benefits cost for the UPTOWN recycling program TOTAL, and see how “economical” it really is..


  5. Very Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope to make the meeting tonight, but not sure I can given other plans. If anyone else goes and has the cajones to speak out, here are some points. I hereby cede all copyright or similar claims on the off chance somebody is inclined to steal it verbatim; I’d be more flattered than offended.
    The council sayss this ‘equitable access’ when it is actually an ordinance to DENY tenants the rights that homeowners have. Homeowners have the choice if they wish to incur the cost and trouble to recycle. Without the ordinance, tenants Do have the same choice – if they feel strongly about recycling, they can let landlords know that they are willing to pay extra, give up parking or green spaces, and choose which buildings they live in based on whether recycling is conveniently available. Under this ordinance, All tenants will be Required to pay extra and to have less usable space. This will have the biggest impact on the poorest tenants who already try to get by with the least amount of space with the lowest rent possible. There have been complaints among the community about a lack of affordable housing in Normal, and this ordinance will simply exacerbate that issue by raising rents, and with the increases hitting smaller, less expensive units the hardest on a percentage basis.
    Yes, it would be nice if all apartment had on-site recycling, a lot of green space, solar water heaters, and similar amenities, and without having to pay higher rent for them, but we live in reality, not utopia.
    Do Normalites deserve affordable housing, and freedom of choice, or do they deserve even less usable take-home pay so they can pay for Big Brother Council’s pet causes? Please prove me wrong in saying I already know your answer.


  6. I was just at a Casey’s in Normal, when I see a town employee getting ready to check out with his lunch. Another employee, I’m assuming is his supervisor walks in, and he asks “Charge it to the city account.” The supervisor says “yes.” Free lunches in Normal!!


  7. Recycling is a feel-good scam. Nationwide, since China stopped buying our recycled plastic, 40% of what’s collected goes straight into a landfill. Aluminum, steel and concrete are the only materials that should be recycled. Nothing else makes economic sense.

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    • Very Concerned Citizen says:

      Lol – I’ll be sure to leave some chunks of concrete in the recycle whenever the opportunity arises! I knew plastic was a loser and while there is Some market for recycled paper, the supply far outstrips the demand. I thought glass was borderline good though? Pickle jars and the like…

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