Once again Nikita, facts matter

By:  Diane Benjamin

Nikita Richards wants to be the next McLean County Clerk.  She has a problem with facts however.  See this post from her Facebook page and try to spot the problem:

Spot it yet?  Should I wait?

waiting . . .

waiting . . .


She claims she met a guy in Bloomington that hasn’t been able to vote.

See it now?







The McLean County Clerk doesn’t run the elections in Bloomington – the Bloomington Election Commission does!

Was Nikita trying to blame the current McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael?  That would be a lie Nikita!

So far the Democrats haven’t said whether they support folding the Bloomington Election Commission into the County Clerk’s office.  Nikita just gave them the perfect reason to do it – she claimed BEC doesn’t care about voting rights!

So Nikita, does your post mean you are trying to blame Kathy for a problem that she had NOTHING to do with, or are you now supporting the referendum to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission?  The Libertarians and Republicans are because it will save money, where are the Democrats?

waiting . . .

waiting . . .

waiting . . .







10 thoughts on “Once again Nikita, facts matter

  1. I have used the mail in ballots without a problem. You do need a proper address and be registered to vote. How is it he is able to attend this function and not have enough desire to make sure he gets to vote? Does he have no friends? Where are all those voter seeking people and why haven’t they helped him? Oh, yes it is a Republic and not a Democracy, silly me thinking she would know the difference.

  2. Nikita Richard’s is a liar. Through and through. Lying is the thing that She, Jenn Carillo, and Tari Renner do. They actually win elections by lying. One wonders if the any of the main stream media will cover this and call her out on her lies!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how little local candidates and those who sit on boards and commissions understand how our government works.
    Is Niki a liar or ignorant—manipulative or deceptive. Either way, she is not fit for office.

  4. Looks like she made up this guy and this story to create a Red Herring of a non-issue to appeal to the far left who believes that laws about voting and voters are restrictions on access to voting which crusading (empowered) black women must fight against. She is an ideological warrior who plans on fighting the battles of imagined inequality and discrimination against us horrible white people. She wants power…nothing else and her ideology, her race and her gender are the only qualifications which she thinks matter.

  5. I love it when the liberal marxists own tactics bite them in the butt. Thanks for proving us right nikita. Abolish the Bloomington Election Commission. IF there really was “a man in a wheelchair,” you know there would have been a photo op. Either cell phone and FB post or front page of the pantagraph. Since there are neither, more proof she is lying.

  6. Underserved residents? Well she didn’t connect with me or anyone I know. For all the work we’ve done to pay taxes and fees, we’re still paying for basic services. Who is underserved? Is Nikita using the right terminology here?

    What is a wheelchair usuer? Must be a typo, uh. Punctuation? Spelling? On a three paragraph post I just guess it’s not important, However is this a warning of an deeply flawed attention of detail that should be very important in the office she seeks.

    Disabled people are forgotten about? But the city is full of practically every sidewalk corner has a ramp, Connect Transit provides free rides at a tremendous cost to the taxpayers and handicap space and restrooms are everywhere. I don’t think they’re forgotten about at all.

    Democrats,,,”deceive to achieve” – they live by it.

    1. “an deeply flawed . . .” Now who’s got a typo on a three paragraph post. Typical.

      1. I’ve got plenty of typos, frequently. Can’t spell, use slang. But I’m not running for public office of which being complete and attention to detail is important. Not much of a watcher, is ya?

    2. Good observation, and IF the guy is real, he was somehow able to get to the little celebration thing, but oh no the poor creature can’t find ANY way to go and vote… yeah, it’s typical, she’ll pull the disadvantaged or disabled people can’t manage to get an ID next if that ever becomes a real issue here. Of course we already know that “people of color” are unable to obtain IDs….

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