Maybe the last Valente story, maybe not

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you missed any of the first three stories, see them  HERE (Videos)  and  HERE (Phone Message) and  HERE (Emails)

Judy Valente had settled down until the videos were published I obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  Besides the phone message above, she also emailed Chief Woodruff.  She is no longer calling him Aaron.  The email below was sent at 8:31 AM and includes a message she calls “harassing”.  I don’t see where the citizen “harassed” her.

Judy email to Chief including a message from a citizen

Chief Woodruff responded to her email at 3:15 PM:

Judy’s response at 3:38 PM,

it looks like I have to file another FOIA

Judy’s Response to Chief Woodruff

Three other interesting emails:

Another WGLT listener sent this email:  Email to WGLT

Judy then sent it to Chief Woodruff – she’s on a book tour and still doesn’t know what can’t be redacted under FOIA:  Book Tour

See Judy’s response to the listener:  Judy’s Return Email

I hope you noticed in the Chief’s email that my FOIA was close to too late, the videos might never have been seen if my source had waited much longer.  No, it wasn’t the police.








27 thoughts on “Maybe the last Valente story, maybe not

      1. Just a reminder that Rich thinks Diane and all of us want Hales to get cancer.
        Gaslighting that is as sinister and as over the top as it gets: See his own words below:

        Rich says:
        June 1, 2018 at 10:10 am
        Man…you and your commenters are mean. Maybe he’ll get cancer, too.


        1. Want me to ban him? Of course, he will just change his name again. I’m not approving every comment he makes anymore. Since it’s my site I can limit his right to drive-by stupidity and spare the other readers. I bet he’s friends with Valente.


          1. Do what you want Diane… he is an establishment troll… with nothing to really add to what we are doing here… except lies and gaslighting. This is not a forum for him and me to exchange barbs… so I will continue to not respond to him except with his horendous gaslighting of you and the folks here with his Hales comment.

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  1. Judy certainly has an unrealistic and overinflated ego. She acts and sounds like she’s above everyone. I seriously cannot get over how disrespectful she was to the police chief. Her tone sounded as though she was talking down to him. The nerve!

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  2. Judy needs to review the Rules of Benedict. She is having trouble understanding the basic premise and spirit of Benedict’s writing. Humility is one of the basic tenets. Striving to be the best Christian you can be in all aspects of your life. Does Judy’s behavior as shown in the video and the exaggerations in her emails show any humility? Christian behavior? She presents Christianity in the worst possible light.


  3. Judith is an embarrassment to that liberal propaganda machine, WGLT. You would think that they wouldn’t employ a white privileged, nose in the air bellicouse witch like Judy. Really now, who does she think she is? I bet she was once told that she was an important person, and she believed them. If she thought Leons email was harassing,then she’s really lived a sheltered life. I wonder how she would hold up to Pinky and her Gangs harassment? Judy, Lawrence is right. I’ll even offer more advice, see a psychiatrist and take your hubby with you. Last, you owe the ISU Police an apology. and you need to promise you will never “go stupid” again”

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  4. I want to pause and applaud the ISU Police for their professionalism, discipline, and refusal to be unduly influenced by Judith. They need our support now more than ever in this anti-law enforcement climate. We need to continue to expose Judith until she sees that no one is above-the-law. The Chief’s email was well-crafted, professional, and might I add included a few zingers (which Diane was kind enough to highlight). Well done. Let’s continue to expose the elites in our community. FOIAs are a tool for transparency and making sure government works for ALL of us.

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  5. I cannot stop laughing. My priest once said that the thing the devil hates the most is when you laugh at him. CS Lewis wrote that Pride was the ugliest and worse sin because it allows Satan to really work. Judy probably knows all of this through her research. Judy’s behavior can only be described as prideful and of the devil. I have to laugh. Her pointing to “riddled with spelling errors” is akin to a man with a log in his eye trying to get a speck of dust out of another man’s eye. I feel an e-mail and a trip to BOT Public comment coming on.

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  6. All of this with Judy underscores the importance of FOIA. It exists to be a confirmation that our public officials are doing their job. In the case of Judy the ISU police force was highly professional and did not give Judy the special treatment she thought she deserved.

    Judy’s the one who blew this out of proportion and as Diane has noted, made matters worse for herself in the process. I find it interesting that her husband was not recommended for reelection by the bar association. I think a lot of it had to do with being an over zealous prosecutor when he was State’s Attorney with the Baeman case. Reynard has long been accused of not getting his facts straight with his cases. It appears Judy has the same problem.

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  7. I think for all of us regular people Judy’s behavior, although over the top and a bit crazy, is illustrative of the elitist entitled class of people who are currently the decision makers here in the area. To me it draws a bold line under a profile of behavior and mindsets that lies underneath the surface here. It doesn’t always show itself in such a transparent unedited (and crazy) way… but it is still there. They live in a different world. A world that has a different set of rules. And yes they are better than you and I. And they know what is best for us. They translate their ideology and mindsets into agendas…programs…building projects….and ways of thinking about issues to enhance their power, influence and wealth at the taxpayer’s expense. Judy is an extreme example of what we are fighting here on this site and in our nice little towns. Elitist monsters are running things..we have to call them out… stop them…and elect common sense real people.

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  8. Diane – I hope this isn’t the last story on this. I pointed out in a post on the videos that I thought we were missing information. Possibly a reason why the car smelled like cannabis. In Chief Woodruff’s response he states “you will find it was heavily redacted to protect your personal information and the identities of anyone not directly involved in the stop.” I’m not sure all of that information should have been redacted in the video tapes. I’m guessing it has to do with the people involved. I think it would explain a lot. They can redact names, and personal information – but not the other information given. This would make the allegations of the search a mute point. Especially now, with allegations from a former judge and Judy that her rights may have been violated.

    The people involved are an ISU employee (reporter) and a retired State’s Attorney and Judge – that after reviewing the video with Chief Woodruff, should have said – I think Judy was out of line. But no – they don’t. She can’t. And they continue on that they won’t file a formal complaint if the officer gets additional training. Well guess what Judy – you provided that officer with the best training ever. How to deal with an elitist lunatic. The way he dealt with Judy should have earned him an A+ that day. But Judy and Charlie want him to receive additional training so they can save face. We didn’t file a complaint….we just asked he be trained better. Aren’t we good people?! No. You are not.

    I believe R.C. McBride has a choice to make – either fire Judy or send her to common sense and respect training. Maybe a citizen police academy. And I think we should all check back repeatedly to R.C. just like Judy has done with Chief Woodruff, to make sure that McBride does not let this fade away.

    I’ll ask this again…..why did Judy and Charlie’s car smell like dope? I think we start to miss that point because Judy was acting like an ass. There is a reason. The trainee knew it. So did the training officer. What is that redacted reason?

    And finally, you just can’t overlook her snide comment in the email about Mr. Chambers. Maybe one of Charlie’s personal friends is going to be the next State’s Attorney, and Ms. Valente can do as she well pleases with no video being released! Wow.

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      1. Diane – WGLT has the perfect out. They can just go ahead and quietly not renew her contract without explanation after the leave expires. Of course, she’s probably become a folk hero on campus for standing up to law enforcement. So sad.

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