Valente – the saga continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you missed either of the first two stories, see them  HERE  and  HERE

The new information comes from another FOIA request I filed to see if STATE EMPLOYEE (as in YOU pay her salary) Judy Valente actually followed through with her threats to file a complaint against the officers involved in her traffic stop for an expired license plate sticker.  The stop escalated when the officers smell marijuana in her car.  I really thought her husband (retired judge Charles Reynard)  would have sat her down at home, like he did when he arrived at the scene, and told her the officers were just doing their job.  That didn’t happen, he left it up to her.

She emailed!

First email – the day after the traffic stop:  March 29th email

She (and I think her husband) met with Chief Woodruff and saw the videos.  Even watching herself melt down and the police treating her with excessive respect, didn’t convince her SHE was wrong

Because of this stop, Judy is a Me Too victim.  She thinks the officers need sensitivity training:   March 30th email

Judy REALLY wants to know when the officer gets trained: April 6

Start reading at the bottom – Judy thinks the trainee needs gender bias training:  April 6th & April 9th emails

In the April 9th email, Judy calls her HUSBAND “Judge Reynard” twice.  Decide for yourself why she did that.

Judy must have finally settled down because the emails stop there until the videos had been published for 3 days.  Those need their own story!  Even Jason Chambers got involved.

That story later, maybe tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, both Judy and the officers are employed by Illinois State University.  Remember the ISU story on microagressions?

Quote from the ISU website:   (these are seemingly normal interactions that convey demeaning messages towards disenfranchised group members)

Did ISU teach Judy how to be a snowflake or is Judy teaching kids how to be offended?  ISU needs to give Judy micro-aggression training.  She abused the officers and continued to waste their time and, of course, taxpayer dollars.  How many hours were spent placating her ridiculous allegations?









10 thoughts on “Valente – the saga continues

  1. Geesh, so go get a sticker for your expired plates, they’ll drop the ticket. Get over it! Making a big deal over nothing,,,and all that when your car smells like the Nice Dreams truck from Cheech & Chongs, Up In Smoke movie. Most pot smokers would have been eternally grateful and went home to munch out. Oh, wow man!


  2. She writes spiritually books about the monastic life of St. Benedict. I believe her on-line bio says she is a lay oblate of the Benedictine Order. (maybe not) Anyway, one who practices Benedictine spiritually, wouldn’t behave like she did.


  3. This is the privledge I spoke about last May at the BOT meeting. They didn’t get it then and they probably never will. Judy is the privledhed. She was probably one of the people demanded that every officer have a body cam. Wish granted Judy!

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  4. From my perspective, the officers did nothing wrong. She is the one BULLYING the chief into complying with her orders. I wish they could tell her to pound sand. What a spoiled rotten brat.


  5. ISU teaching about micro-aggressions is the biggest joke EVA! The majority of tenured faculty do it all day long! Like the English Professor who teaches feminism and says things like “You aren’t paid to think” to a woman. True story. These people are sick and shouldn’t receive a dime in tax money! That’s almost as rich as a taxpayer funded reporter writing about spirituality and not understanding a FOIA.


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