ISU: Training future whats?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I had hopes that only IWU was training kids to be offended:

Bureaucrats must be lacking work, ISU has joined the ‘microaggressions” cause to justify keeping their jobs.  If any problems were solved they would be out of a job – so invent more injustice that needs fixing.  Remember, IWU is a private college – ISU is paid for by YOU.

From the ISU website:  (red is my emphasis)

What bias-related incident should be reported to the ICRT?

  • Bias incidents occur in many different ways. They can be spoken or written, or appear as symbols, signs, threats, or actions performed in person or through electronic means (e.g. email, social media). They include, but are not limited to, microaggressions (these are seemingly normal interactions that convey demeaning messages towards disenfranchised group members), bullying, vandalism, destruction of private or public property, harassment, and expressions of discrimination or hate. One thing that all bias-related incidents have in common is that they have an adverse impact on learning for Illinois State University students.

Parents of ISU students:  Your kids are being trained to be offended by EVERYTHING.  “Normal interactions”  can be deemed bias-related and must be reported to the authorities!

Instead of training students to be productive self-reliant adults, they are training perpetual wimps who want intervention on their behalf.  How much are you paying?  $20,000 a year?  More?

I think I understand now why many companies want to hire foreign workers, they aren’t trained to whine about “seemingly normal interactions”.

Way too many people are perpetually offended now.  Imagine a country full of educated adults unable to cope with life!  Lawyers must be funding education –  they know they will profit from future microaggression lawsuits.





19 thoughts on “ISU: Training future whats?

  1. I think I am offended more at the stupidity and absurdity offered in microaggressions. Not necessarily that people get offended by a seemingly harmless opinion. But for someone who has to deal with microagressions like being followed at store because you are black, I can definitely see where that is hurtful.


    1. Everybody is a victim of microaggression or worse. Either you succeed in spite of it because you refuse to be a victim or you become a slave to it. Has a boss ever told you a women shouldn’t have your job? I have. Have you ever been fired for not sleeping with the boss? I have twice. (My much younger days) Think white teenagers don’t get followed? It’s all perspective and attitude. Smile and shake their hands. You win every time.


      1. Its because of this awareness that women don’t have to put up with jerks like your ex-bosses. You should have never gone through what your bosses did to you. Neither should other women. How do you think your article has provided any benefit? You only considered your situation and used that as a basis for nullifying any legit awareness education? Is everyone else just complaining? How far backwards do you want to go for the sake of thinking being objectionable is weakness?


      2. That is bull. Plenty of people come to you for help and you tell me you would have told them to fight it on their own? How is that gentleman doing who was charged with stealing money from Allen Township? Or is it Stanford? In any case you call out plenty of microagressions in how the council treats its citizens. Yet you criticize ISU and IWU for their awareness policies? Oh I get it. If a citizen is being wronged by the government it’s tyranny, but if a student organization says one word about stopping injustice, you break out the wimp card and various anti-PC slogans. Nice way to encourage the youth by saying you only count if you are silent.


    2. “One thing that all bias-related incidents have in common is that they have an adverse impact on learning for Illinois State University students.”

      I have to agree with Diane. There is a whole generation that has not had to deal with any kind of conflict in their youth. How to deal with conflict or aggression is a learning experience in itself. As long as the aggression does not become dangerously physical or destructive, the school administrators at a UNIVERSITY should not be involved. The student should just report those types of incidences to the proper authorities. People who encounter bullying usually become stronger and more compassionate people willing to stand up for justice.


  2. As an alum, I find this overkill and embarrassing. We’re enabling the poor work that parents of these kids have already done and perpetuating a generation of pussies. Sorry for the vulgarity, but it’s true.


    1. Over the past 2 decades, children have gotten awards for participation. Political correctness stifles open discussions. Hey kids, grow up already–you’re in college!!


  3. The problem with this whole “microaggression” thing is that it is how the left shuts down debate on anything. If you disagree w/ a leftist, they pull out the microaggression tactic to shut you down, so that they don’t have to debate the facts. And you will notice how the only people who are supposed microaggressors are conservatives. I guarantee you that if you were to voice a conservative opinion in an ISU lecture hall, you would be called out for a so called microaggression.


  4. Why, oh why, do Conservative (or even Moderate) alums continue to fund IWU, which has become little more than a very high priced Marxist indoctrination camp. And ISU is almost as bad. Starve the beasts!


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