Things that don’t fit anywhere else:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Michael Cadena:

The Pantagraph reported IN ERROR that Michael Cadena was deemed an unfit parent by a judge.  That is not true – Michael has NEVER been deemed unfit!  I’m sure the Pantagraph will publish a tiny note correcting the story.  It won’t be seen by everyone who saw the defaming article however.

Judy Valente:

I filed a FOIA request with the ISU Police for any additional documents that exist since my last FOIA pertaining to Judy Valente.  None exists, so either she is done or filing a lawsuit.    Details of all previous stories HERE

Allin Township:

Michael Owen, Chair of the Allin Township Fire Protection District will resign at the next Trustee meeting because he does not live in the district as required by law.  I emailed Shawn Desch (Allin Twp Supervisor) and asked him to investigate.  He responded promptly saying Owen will resign.

ISU Board of Trustees:


If anyone has time to attend, I really need a reporter:


7 thoughts on “Things that don’t fit anywhere else:

  1. God Bless you Ron, as listening to those speakers THAT early in the morning would just put ME back to sleep!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!


  2. Ron be sure to drink a strong cup of coffee to stay awake as several boring speakers are on tap. Also take a paper bag or two as these speakers when they talk may make you want to hurl. Good luck.


  3. Meeting is being held in the CIRCUS ROOM. How appropriate since Koos and Renner will be there. Can we now say “Send in the clowns” as intro to Koos and Renner , as they enter the Circus Room?


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