Things that don’t fit anywhere else:

By:  Diane Benjamin Michael Cadena: The Pantagraph reported IN ERROR that Michael Cadena was deemed an unfit parent by a judge.  That is not true – Michael has NEVER been deemed unfit!  I’m sure the Pantagraph will publish a tiny note correcting the story.  It won’t be seen by everyone who saw the defaming article […]

Allin Fire – Say What?

By:  Diane Benjamin See what the Allin Fire Protection District reported to the State of Illinois here for the year ended 5/30/2015: The link shows Revenues of $208,281 It shows Expenses of $203,005 _________________ According to this document:  Allin Fire Revenues were $238,906.88 (including a $45,000 operating loan) Expenses were $237,647.56 Neither number is […]

Stanford: Do you ever get mad?

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember this story about police in Stanford?  John Owen claimed they couldn’t afford to pay Danvers for policing anymore, so now you pay more than double for your own police! Less than 700 people live in Stanford, seems like sharing police with Danvers was a much better idea. It gets better […]

Sill not legal: Allin Township Fire agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin Action can’t be taken on any items not publicized  48 hours prior to a meeting. You could decide to double salaries in Executive Session, then vote in open session without anybody knowing it until it’s done.  That’s why the OMA exists. I see you finally got the “Any Other New Business” right! […]