Stanford: Do you ever get mad?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember this story about police in Stanford?  John Owen claimed they couldn’t afford to pay Danvers for policing anymore, so now you pay more than double for your own police!

Less than 700 people live in Stanford, seems like sharing police with Danvers was a much better idea.

It gets better though.

Stanford has bulk fuel storage that used to be shared by various levels of Allin Township government.  Then the police car started having problems with the fuel pump, so they decided not to use the bulk gas anymore:

FueltankxInstead of maybe doing something like putting a filter on the bulk gas, the police now drive OUT OF TOWN for gas.

Here is a summary of police hours YOU have paid  so the officer on duty can drive to another town for gas:

gas summaryx







Full disclosure:  I didn’t compile these statistics.  A reader did.  I only spot checked the information.  If you want to check it I can give you the raw data:

Summary spreadsheet

SPD Call Log 1

SPD Call Log 2

SPD Call Log 3-1


3 thoughts on “Stanford: Do you ever get mad?

  1. If the fuel in the bulk tank is contaminated, what other municipal vehicles that fill from that tank are also having problems?


  2. This is just PLAIN STUPID! Put a fuel filter on the bulk tank, and maybe some kind of “in line” screen on the cop car. This is a NO BRAINER folks, and for nearly $10K you COULD have fixed streets, put in a culvert or two, maybe bought a park bench, etc. But this adds NEW meaning to the term “pouring money down the drain”.
    WORST case scenario-REPLACE the bulk tank, and I bet you could get a NEW one for $10K!!


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