One more on Jeff Fritzen’s bike

By:  Diane Benjamin

Who decided it was a great idea to award Jeff Fritzen with not only an expensive party but a retirement bike?

Anybody know?

Evidently the Town of Normal doesn’t know either, they just paid Chris Koos’s bill submitted almost a year later.

I FOIA’d the Town for any communication about the bike.  They couldn’t find a darn thing.  Maybe Koos just did it all on his own!

This is what I requested:

foia before denial

This is the response:

denial bike

I wonder if the Town added the bike to Fritzen’s W-2?  The bike is additional compensation and should have been taxable.

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5 thoughts on “One more on Jeff Fritzen’s bike

  1. Purchasing a bicycle with tax payer money is just another example of the conflict of interest involving Mr Koos as mayor and his bike business. Add this bike purchase to the long list of his bike related projects that the tax payers have funded to promote biking – and promote Mr Koos’ bike business in this community. Why does this mayor consider the bike purchase to be OK? Why doesn’t Fritzen return the bike? Does that mean tax payers are supposed to buy all of the board members a brand new Koos bike on their way out? Good Grief!!! When does it end?

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  2. So now we know about the payoff to Fritzen that was (kinda) above the table. The question is what kind of secret (under the table) payoffs have been made by Koos and company to their supporters?

    The mayor’s supporters don’t circle around him like flies in a hog lot for their health. No matter what they may say; it’s about the money!


  3. This is a small part of her majesty, Queen Pamela’s $500,000 slush fund and when viewed in that context, as the Council does view it, it’s a small price to pay to show appreciation for the loyal rubber stamp service of someone like Jeff Fritzen.

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