More on Fritzen’s Retirement

By:  Diane Benjamin

In addition to the $448.99 bike the taxpayers bought for Jeff Fritzen, you also threw him a party:fritzen party

Note:  You weren’t invited.

At the May 6, 2019 meeting, this expense appeared on bills:

PDF page 12:

fritzen food

Since they likely ate things other than meat at the party you weren’t invited to, the cost is higher.

On the same page is renting tents for $750.00.  Since peons weren’t invited we don’t know if they were used for the party,

Fritzen was paid $4800 a year to be a Trustee.  His retirement is getting cost to costing just as much.

How much will the Town spend when Chris Koos goes?

10 thoughts on “More on Fritzen’s Retirement

  1. In what world (besides Mayor Koos) is this and the bike purchase OK? A $500 bike and a $3000 dinner as a going away gift or a payoff for loyalty and past shilling?

    So if you are taxpayer in Normal…. how does this make you feel about the money you sent Mayor Koos and how he spent it?

    Yes, one of YOU residents of Normal PAID this bill with YOUR taxes. I bet that money could have been put to a better use in the taxpayer was allowed to keep it?

    Yes a good time was had by all and YOU paid for it….and you weren’t even invited.

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  2. Gosh,  all during my working career when a co worker retired we all chipped in with our own money for a retirement gift.  My how times have changed.

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