To all local governments and schools:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Property taxes are destroying the citizens of Illinois.  We now have the highest property taxes in the country!

Stop stealing from taxpayers NOW.

Your tax and spend policies are forcing people to leave and wrecking the lives of people who can’t.  Un-affordable housing is your fault.

Normal raises property taxes every year only because they can.  Normal stole money from Unit 5 with grand plans for Uptown.  Is that first floor of 1 Uptown Circle still empty?

Unit 5, if think people believe you are watching pennies for taxpayers, here’s a news flash:  Nobody believes you don’t have the same waste, fraud, and abuse every other level of government has.

School Board seats and Council seats will be up for election in April of 2019.  Petitions for office are available now.  People need to be elected who KNOW enough is enough!

Quote from the story:

Unit 5 wants to add $200 a year to your bill.

Taxpayers have two choices:  1) move to a state where taxes are half as much  2) fight back.



6 thoughts on “To all local governments and schools:

  1. I moved to Indiana in April. I felt like I got a raise just because I was out of Illinois. A little off subject, we have private garbage pock up. It cost $65 for 3 months. They pick up everything that is at the curb. It’s a lot better than Bloomington charging more and getting less for trash pickup

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  2. FYI don’t post….check typo on date of school board elections….it is 2019? (as opposed to 2018) Don’t give idiots like DAX(whatever) an opportunity to misdirect from the topic at hand!?

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  3. I appealed four of my properties this year. Got turned down yesterday on all of them even tough I had good evidence I guess the fact that I got reductions last year was good enough. Facts are that property values are beginning to dip. How we continue to NOT GET negative multipliers is well beyond me and I have been a Realtor since 1987.

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    1. Appeal to Springfield – I had to appeal to Springfield to get my property value to equal the amount I paid for it in 2008. Once they knew I had appealed it, then I won my case locally to avoid them losing in Springfield. It took 3 years to make it happen, but worth it!


    2. I wonder if gov’t employees and the elected have ever heard of the Chinese dynastic cycle? I believe we are two thirds of the way there in Illinois. I also appealed and won last year, of course they pushed my new evaluation up this year. They also are screwed up in land assessments/ Since when do regular lots with a few trees assess at the same value as a lakeside lot? Me thinks the founding fathers had it right when only land owners were allowed to vote….maybe not go quite that far but anything dealing with assessment issues definitely. It is easy to push for increase when it costs you nothing.


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