Pantagraph protects the nefarious

by:  Diane Benjamin

Today the Pantagraph finally got around to doing an editorial on the ISU-Flanagan flap.  Maybe they had to since the Chicago Tribune printed an editorial:

Doesn’t Chicago have enough corruption of its own?  Why did the Chicago Tribune editorialize about the ISU firing and payoff of Tim Flanagan?  Maybe because there is no local print media in Bloomington willing to hold government accountable.

The Pantagraph editorial is nothing more than trying to bury the story.  The Chicago Tribune called for the ISU Trustees to resign because of the money Flanagan got paid to leave –  $480,418 plus the right to live in the President’s house until May.  Did the Pantagraph call for the Trustees to resign?  Of course not, that would upset the local uppity club.  The Pantagraph is merely “disappointed”.  Thanks for holding the ISU Trustees accountable Pantagraph!  Looking out for taxpayers is way beyond your abilities.

The Pantagraph editorial called for universities to “dig deep” before hiring decisions are made.  Has the Pantagraph ever reported the City of Bloomington’s failure to “dig deep”?  Just 2 examples:

Where is the editorial criticizing David Hales for wasting taxpayer money?  Did Hales “dig deep”.  It didn’t even take a deep dig – all that was needed was Goggle!

Pantagraph, it’s time to quit pretending you cover local news.  David Hales has a non-disclosure agreement in Bend, the same kind you said you “don’t support”.  I’d ask you to investigate, but everybody knows where that would go.

No where!










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