Local news better in the Chicago Tribune

by:  Diane Benjamin

Downstate press is unwilling to criticize local government.   Thankfully the Chicago Tribune will cover some stories.  They have a good article about Peoria’s Mayor Ardis being sued by the ACLU for his treatment of a citizen using twitter to parody the mayor:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-peoria-mayor-twitter-20140612,0,5493686.story

When was the last time the local press did a story criticizing OUR local government?  Do you really think what Ardis did never happens here?  I personally know people who are too scared of government retaliation to tell their stories.  Maybe they would talk if they knew the press wasn’t going to ignore them, or worse, vilify what they say.

Here’s a good question:  Where is the Peoria State’s Attorney?


Corruption is rampant in Illinois because there is no press willing to report it and no backbone in office’s like the State’s Attorney to prosecute it.

The Peoria Mayor was offended by free speech.  He used the police to attack and seize private property.  Ardis used the police to shut down free speech.  This is an obvious abuse of power, otherwise the ACLU wouldn’t have taken the case.

Citizens of Peoria should demand his resignation immediately.  How long will it be before he goes after your speech?   Using an elected office to persecute a citizen can not become common.  That sounds more like something Communist China would do.  Meanwhile the people elected to defend your rights and prosecute corruption are sitting on their hands.

Congrats Peoria.  The lawsuit is going to take your tax dollars in both the Ardis defense and the judgement you will be paying.  Look for an undisclosed settlement soon.

Send your State’s Attorney, Jerry Brady, a note of thanks for not doing his job.  Next time he is up for election, send him another message.  GOODBYE.






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