Local news better in the Chicago Tribune

by:  Diane Benjamin Downstate press is unwilling to criticize local government.   Thankfully the Chicago Tribune will cover some stories.  They have a good article about Peoria’s Mayor Ardis being sued by the ACLU for his treatment of a citizen using twitter to parody the mayor:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-peoria-mayor-twitter-20140612,0,5493686.story When was the last time the local press […]

Official misconduct illegal in Peoria, but not Bloomington – Update 2

It sounds like the Peoria State’s Attorney is too chicken to prosecute Ardis!  Now you know why corruption rules in Illinois. Jason might want to review his campaign video:  Justice over Politics? by:  Diane Benjamin It’s not legal to do favors for campaign contributors.  It’s not legal to sell items for friends from your official […]