The Watchdogs get sued – but WAIT!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today a lawsuit was filed against the Edgar County Watchdogs, the former chairperson of the College of DuPage, and Adam Andrzejewski of For the Good of Illinois.  The suit was filed by a member of the COD’s fundraising foundation who just happened to get no-bid contracts from COD, some marked as architectural services.   Carla Burkhart, the plaintiff is a graphic designer, not an architect.

I haven’t written about the College of Dupage, but some of you may have seen the saga play out on Facebook.  The Watchdogs were instrumental in the firing of the College President Robert Breuder, he expected a huge golden parachute – he got zip.  The FBI is investigating corruption and accreditation for COD was investigated.  The ECW have written MANY stories, see their website if you want more information:

Burkhart is upset that her reputation is damaged and the sales at her business are way down. COD no longer uses her services.

Ready the whole story just published by the Chicago Tribune.  Some people never learn not to mess with the Watchdogs.  Burkhart will.

I wonder if the reporters had trouble not laughing while writing it?




2 thoughts on “The Watchdogs get sued – but WAIT!

  1. I wonder if her business is suffering because she actually has to get honest work instead of receiving a kickback.

    It’s like the Dillinger Gang; each person got a cut, but everyone goes down. The school prez gave her a taste and now she is angry because she cannot enjoy anymore ill-gotten gains. She lied about her credentials, which does damage a person’s reputation. She should be glad she is not in jail yet. I wonder what types of luxuries she was purchasing with tax payer money


  2. Sounds like ONE of OUR local “people”, who has NO skills at what her JOB TITLE is! Architect vs graphic designer-let’s see, Paper, ink, pens, crayons, ruler, charcoal! NOW I’m ready to be a graphic designer, WHAT do I need to be an architect? Maybe a degree in building design or structural engineering. Heck, I could eat a box of crayons and have you a “graphic design” in about 24 hours”. Some folks JUST DON’T GET IT!


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