Weekend Impeachment jocularity

3 thoughts on “Weekend Impeachment jocularity

  1. Mad Magazine and National Lampoon rolled into one on BLN. “Termites” is an excellent term for the Neo-Democrats in that it fully describes what they are attempting to do.

  2. Talkin’ bout smear jobs on conservatives? Watch the recently released documentary Mister America. It’s about conservative lawyer Tim Heidecker’s run for District Attorney in San Bernandino County last year. You see, CaliPORNia is filled with reckless illegal aliens who make up drug cartels and gangs like MS-13. Tim Heidecker ran on a platform of ‘getting rid of the rats’ and enforcing the rule of law by jailing all illegals. What did the media do? Called him every insult in the book. Hell they even PAID *cough cough* I mean got Tim’s friend Gregg to call Tim a mass murderer. Sick!


    Liberals will do anything in the book to hold onto all the power and let illegals in charge.


    1. Oh no. Me and the hubby were planning on visiting Joshua Tree National Park next summer and visiting our niece who lives near there in San Bernandino County. Now after reading up about the smear job on a good Conservative politician like Tim Heidecker, I’ve told the hubby we can’t in good faith visit a evil socialist cesspool filled with illegals in California.

      Any suggestions on other national parks to visit that aren’t run over by crime? Thanks!

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