Have you noticed LAWS don’t matter?


When people like Chris Koos refuse to change the Public Comment policy until he is forced to, the above is the reason.  Who you elect matters, too many have no moral compass and won’t stop violating laws until they are forced.

Angela Scott can’t make it to Public Comment Monday night because she will still be at work.  She chose to email the Council and me about another issue where laws don’t matter.

Open Meeting Act -Civilian Police Review Board and Cannabis Task Force

Dear Council Members,

Through a FOIA request I received the Certificate of Completion for the Open Meeting Act for all but 2 members of the Cannabis Task Force.

One of those missing was Jan Lancaster who should already have this certificate on file as she serves on the Civilian Police Review Board.  If she has not taken the Open Meeting Act training, should she legally be serving on any board at this point? The 30 day requirement has long passed.  In addition why, as Mayor and majority of Council, would someone who has not followed the law on one board be appointed to another government board? I am requesting that all meetings in which Jan Lancaster has been a part of the board, task force, or commission,  be removed from the City Council Agenda until proper training and certification has been completed and all laws followed.

I received a declined response from the city of Bloomington for the request of this certificate because “It does not exist”.  Any further participation by Jan Lancaster on the Civilian Police Review Board or the Cannabis Task Force should be stopped while an investigation by City Council Counsel is conducted.

I am also requesting that this email be included as public comment for the Monday, October 21, 2019 Public Comment.

Angela Scott

Jan Lancaster should be banned from any board or commission until she follows the law, but when did laws ever matter unless government wants to use them again us?







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