As seen on Facebook: Socialists

By:  Diane Benjamin Democrat socialists are just regular socialists.  They want to shut down speech they don’t agree with.  The local clowns are no different.  Socialism is about government control and taking away your rights.  Of course it won’t apply to “their” rights. Please nominate Bernie Sanders so Trump can crush him.  Note how the […]

Have you noticed LAWS don’t matter?

When people like Chris Koos refuse to change the Public Comment policy until he is forced to, the above is the reason.  Who you elect matters, too many have no moral compass and won’t stop violating laws until they are forced. Angela Scott can’t make it to Public Comment Monday night because she will still […]

Progressive Tari shows his true colors

By:  Diane Benjamin This item was added to the agenda last night: Yes, Bloomington taxpayers paid for the official proclamation. Does the City of Bloomington have awards for every local business that celebrates a 25th anniversary, or is it just for campaign supporters?  Jan Lancaster, owner of the Bistro, is a huge Tari supporter. […]