Progressive Tari shows his true colors

By:  Diane Benjamin

This item was added to the agenda last night:

Yes, Bloomington taxpayers paid for the official proclamation.

Does the City of Bloomington have awards for every local business that celebrates a 25th anniversary, or is it just for campaign supporters?  Jan Lancaster, owner of the Bistro, is a huge Tari supporter.

Progressives love to divide people.  If various factions need to fight for perceived status they won’t be watching the real show behind the government curtain.  We seen a lot of this under Tari.  We have been told the police need supervised, hence the PSCRB that has yet to hear a complaint.  We have been told illegal aliens need to feel welcome.  Luckily this went nowhere or next would be demands for illegals getting to vote in local elections.

Progressives constantly nudge.  If nudge doesn’t work it turns to push, it accelerates from there.  I bet we haven’t seen the last of the welcoming ordinance, the factions are merely regrouping.

Contrast progressives with conservatives.  The first difference is laws matter, conservatives don’t govern on “feelings”.  That’s why the welcoming ordinance has gone nowhere.  Second, we don’t care what you do in your bedroom.  Do anything you want in the privacy of your own home.  Parading through downtown Bloomington to nudge residents won’t do anything but be divisive.  Progressives like Tari love it.

Divisive definition:

tending to cause disagreements that separate people into opposing groups

Origin of Diversity:

Middle English: from Old French diversite, from Latin diversitas, from diversus ‘diverse’, past participle of divertere ‘turn aside’ 

See the similarity?  Diversity is divisive because it encourages tribalism.  Diversity can’t exist without clear lines separating people.  The people supporting diversity don’t believe “all men are created equal”.  Tari epitomizes divisiveness while calling it diversity.

How do other long-time business owners feel today?  Where are their proclamations?

Tari’s proclamation had nothing to do with Jan Lancaster owning the Bistro for 25 years.  Tari wanted to promote the “pride” parade, and he used the Bistro for cover.  See the video of the proclamation below – just hit play.  Tari almost forgot this item and had to be reminded, but he was thrilled to read it.

Maybe Tari and Chris Koos saved their sashes from Boston:



34 thoughts on “Progressive Tari shows his true colors

  1. Tari certainly does not speak for all of us. And no, after being in business 28 years before retiring, we didn’t get any acknowledgement either! This is all baloney.
    Conservatism and individualism should be the path, not socialism or cronyism or special interests. Do what is honest and the least invasive as well.

  2. Tari and Jan are like the mafia. The display last night was disgusting. Just a reminder that Jan hosted Jenn Carillo’s Birthday Party at her bar (a fundraiser) and now St. Mary’s Catholic Church is planning to host a campaign event for her. Seems to me the Devil is very busy.

    1. St Mary’s has a predominantly Spanish congregation. They offer a Mass Sunday service) in Spanish. The Conference of Catholic Bishops support the Welcoming Ordinance/anti-ICE movements.

      1. Guess the violation of church and state dont matter here. Where are the atheist groups on this? They should be swarming all over protesting campaigning in a church! Their silence is deafening !

  3. You don’t care what people do in bed rooms? Your entire site pretty much states you care a great deal. Why would you even post about your opposition to gay pride if you so “cool” with what people do in their own bedrooms? I think someone is a hypocrite.

    Tribalism? This entire site is based on that very same silo “tribalism” that you are decrying. Divisive? The administration your supporting is one of the most divisive ever elected in this country.

    Also your etymology of the word diverse is suspect. The Oxford English Dictionary: The condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.

    an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities : an instance of being diverse

    a diversity of opinion

    Latin dīversitāt-em contrariety, disagreement, difference, < dīversus diverse adj.

    1. What administration am I supporting? The only thing I’ve said is Trump was my second to last choice. Hillary was last. This site is common sense. Somebody has to state the obvious, if media did their job I wouldn’t be needed.

    2. @logcabin—Diane said she doesn’t care what people do in their bedroom. However, parading your sexual preferences, just like dressing in white, hooded robes, could evoke a divisive response. I thought we had gotten to the point where PDA was acceptable for all sexual orientations. No need for tribal parades.

    3. Which administration is this site supporting? If you’re talking about the Trump adminstration that’s laughable. Although this site is more on the conservative side, the editor has never struck me as a Trump supporter. Pretty sure early on, this editor didn’t like Trump at all.

      If you want to blame an administration for being divisive look no further than the administrations of six companies that own about 98% of the news and entertainment media in this country. Their influence is in peoples homes 24/7. It’s gotten so sad that (so called) comics like Fallon, Colbert, Kimmel, etc., wouldn’t have a show at all unless they stay on the Trump bashing train. If those guys were funny once, now they’re boring

      Yeah and then thereis the lunatic left demon-rats that are still crying that their stumbling and out of whack candidate HRC lost the election. It was is the bag! You lost! Get over it.
      But then, what’s the point? You’re another Rich.

    4. How is it that every discussion turns to Trump? This article is about the local activity like selectivity of supporting local businesses. About creating “silos” on social issues while trying to limit them on economic issues.
      If the article is about a local topic, it makes more sense to comment without bringing in national politics.

  4. Common sense? What is “common sense” about stating that you don’t care about what people do in their bedrooms when it’s obvious you care a great deal? It evident you’re homophobic.

    Trump was you second to last choice? So you threw you vote away either by voting for a unviable candidate or wrote in another person who couldn’t win. Nice. That means you voted for Trump. That pretty much puts your opinions about current events at odds of any common sense.

    1. Well that’s rich, lol. It’s not obvious and it’s not evident. Perhaps however, evidently it’s obvious that you are confused.

  5. Just another example of “pick and choose, pick and choose” toadies get the treats and the pats on the head, like good little toadies usually do.

  6. “Yeah and then thereis (sic) the lunatic left demon-rats that are still crying that their stumbling and out of whack candidate HRC lost the election.”

    And Trump and his supporters never let that fact go after almost two years after the election. Trump had to repeat that “fact” at the Helsinki “summit”. If Trump was secure in his legitimacy of his presidency he wouldn’t have to keep going on and on about the election ad nauseam, two years after the event.

    News and entertainment corporation are businesses. Late Night show have always been political, always way back to every single president that I can remember. Why exactly should Trump be any different. Who’s a snowflake?

    I find it hilarious that people on this blog go on about $380 a night hotel rooms when the Trump administration is going to bail out Central Illinois farmers out to the tune of 12 billion of tax payer moneys. All because of his truly goofy trade wars which are starting to hurt his supporters. What did you say about demo-rats? No demo-rats came up with a trade policy designed for the year 1832.

    1. Thanks for proving my point, you’re still crying as (your first) paragraph wouldn’t be necessary for you. If lame stream media would drop it, it’d be over for both sides.

      Entertainment business that is psych op that you cannot conceive. Big difference. Yeah, politics has always been something that late night and the masses would like to find some humor in relative to how sad it is, but the difference is Johnny Carson might have made one or two swipes every now and again when the non-comedians today base the early part of their show on Trump every night. Not all politicians, just the orange one.

      The $380 per night is pertaining to the citizens of Bloomington, not the whole United States of America, duh. That $12 billion isn’t just coming to central Illinois farmers, LMAO. Better go back to spin school cause you’re really bad at it. The deomon-rats (thanks for repeating that, pass the phrase around) wouldn’t know a trade policy unless it directly fed their coffers. As NAFTA (championed by Bill Clinton) has done nothing but completely screw the USA. Something had to be done and waiting on congress to do something obviously wasn’t working. Time will tell whether this was the right move or not.

      Perhaps you’re not Rich, still the same though.

  7. It’s Trump who is crying. Again, if he was a secure person why exactly every time he has a speech he mentions either “Crooked Hillary” or disrespects Obama? In his speech in front of Putin he mentioned he won the election, Hillary’s name and there was no collusion. I don’t remember W. Bush mentioning how he won an election over and over again like he has dementia. Trump does it all the time in front of adoring fans.

    So we as tax payer have to bail out farmers to the tune of 12 billion because of the totally stupid trade policies of the Trump administration. I would say that something people in Bloomington and the entire area should be concerned with the use of our tax dollars. I suppose the price of soy is of no concern for people in the area.

    The Demo-rats wouldn’t know a trade policy? Well, Trump doesn’t either. His policy is hurting not only farmers but manufactures and small businesses. Evidently, Bloomington/Normal has no small businesses. When do manufactures and small business get their bail out because of Trump’s tariffs? This is a sure sign that the tariffs are hurting the economy. So, rather than reversing the course to Stupidville, we are going to subsidize farmers with our taxes, which takes more money out… money we don’t have to give. We have already given the money to the .1% and the corporations already. Meanwhile, the debt and tax adverse GOTP Congress will conveniently forget they hate spending and subsidies, and influencing the Free Market.

    Will all these “independent” people, so strung out on their own self reliance, refuse the money? Likely not. They’ll take it, and celebrate their “Win,” and the Support from Trump, not getting that he broke them (and the country) in the first place! Pathetically, even as they celebrate, they will rage against all the deadbeats on welfare and food stamps who are leeching their good tax money….

    Remember: this is all based on Trump’s deluded, fantasy vision of how the world works – or should according to his personal universe. It’s all self inflicted by Idiocy

    You don’t like late night? Cry me a river. There is a piece of equipment that comes with your TV, it’s called a remote, turn the channel no one is forcing you to watch anything.

    1. Par 1: Why in the world did you bring Bush into this conversation? More deflection? POTUS meets with Putin and thats all you got out of it? Sad.
      Par 2: The US government has been subsidizing farmers for years, so nothing new here. Perhaps the amount is high, but I don’t know those numbers. The US government also subsidizes other countries with billions of dollars. Illegal aliens cost the US billions. If we can help non-citizens like that, I’d say we’re way overdue to help out our own.
      Par: 3 That’s demon-rats with an “N.” You conveniently ignored the Bill Clinton signing the monstrously unfair so called free trade agreement, NAFTA. Please explain how that helped the USA.
      Par 4: Blaming Trump for breaking the country (I’ll try to be nice) is abosutely ludicrous! You’re trying to blame a $17+ trillion dollar deficit on Trump that existed at the time Obama exited office. You are truly delusional.
      Par 5: Trump = billionaire that won an election the pundits said he didn’t stand a chance.
      You = unknown except for your failure of being an accomplised spinmaster. You suck at it.
      Par 6: Nothing there. No response about my assesment of lack of real comedy. Just turn off the TV, lol.

      Just the same I do find your posts somewhat amusing as your left wing lunatic agenda has destroyed itself. It’s too late, you’re sunk. Red wave in November.

    2. In an article titled “Saturday Night Live Writer Michael Che Slams Unfunny Comedy Culture” the author of the article, Juliana Knot at The Federalist a summary of Che’s remarks:

      “His criticism comes at a time where comedy is seen as a form of activism. Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and countless other late-night comedians have used their platform as political soapboxes, sometimes crying to prove their point.

      Che ended his thread by acknowledging that many in comedy will ignore his criticism and offer excuses. However, his message remains the same: comedy is supposed to make people laugh. And it hasn’t been doing a lot of that lately.” End.

      Ratings are way down because thousands of people are turning their TV’s off.

  8. Jesus never spoke about homosexuality. Jesus loves everyone. His love knows no boundaries. Although he may be watching what’s said by some of you here. Be more accepting of those who are different than you. 1 Peter 3:8 “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”

    1. The biggest atheist in the would can recognize the truth about the homosexuality. All they need to do is read a 9th grade biology book.

    2. That’s right Jesus loves everyone,,,although I don’t think he is a big fan of the devil,,,,something about casting out evil. Anyway if you can, please cut and paste from the article that disrespects homosexuality.

  9. So if I dare criticize Trump it’s some sort of “derangement”? That’s rich. To deflect you mention Obama. Obama’s not president any more, Trump is and he is hurting the economy with his crack pot trade policies.

    What happened before Obama even came into office? The 2008 recession, the economy fell off the cliff. That accounts for most of the “debt” you’re talking about. No infrastructure got fixed? That’s your opinion not a fact. I wouldn’t call $98.3 billion spent on infrastructure in Obama’s administration no infrastructure.

  10. Tari is pandering for votes and setting up anyone that objects to this proclamation as a “homophobe”.

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