Koos on Facebook again

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Mayor decided to post on Facebook yesterday:

koos again

I guarantee he isn’t suddenly MAGA and voting for Trump.

Two of the responses are perfect:

koos resp 1Koos resp 2

Koos did have a couple of supporters:

koos resp 3

I will let the guy that helped win WWII respond for me:

mail (1)









5 thoughts on “Koos on Facebook again

  1. Koos must have gotten a hold of an old copy of “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” The ONLY part missing to this “sad” tale is the miles uphill both ways he had to walk to get to school..


  2. Seriously? I’m surprised he didnt talk about walking to school (20 miles) in snow up to his hips , wearing no shoes and carrying his sister on his back! He also forgot the part where after walking home from school (20 miles) he dropped his books , and sister off and went to work in the fields with a hoe after he baled hay and mucked out the stables! Then after dinner he did his homework by candlelight in front of the log fire next to the pot bellied stove. See, I can write this story too!


  3. It’s kinda like that Mini-Mike Bloomberg commercial out right now of which plays the John Cougar “Small Town” song with scenic small town America trying to convince the masses that Mini-Mike is a small town guy, just like you. LMAO at the obvious fakes!

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