Democrats running amok!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Democrats think they are so smart they need to run your life for you!  Of course that takes away your God-given right to run your own life.

Here’s a little of what bills have been presented by Democrats in Springfield:

  • Ban gas powered leaf blowers
  • Ban you from pumping your own gas
  • Allow 14 year olds to decide what vaccinations to get
  • Remove religious exemption for not immunizing children
  • Mandatory $1,000,000 of insurance to renew a FOID card
  • Fingerprints required for a FOID card
  • Gun can not be kept loaded in your home
  • Mandatory HPV vaccinations for girls and boys

This list is added to every day!

Here’s my take:

Far left activists want to abolish cash bail.  Pritzker wants to get it done.  Anyone with a brain knows protecting the rest of us from criminals is ONE job government is supposed to do.  No bail doesn’t accomplish that.  No one is talking about exempting crimes involving guns.  Democrats are now socialists.  They want to create chaos because capitalism can not be abolished without it.  That is what NO BAIL will accomplish.

Since the Democrats don’t want to be the party responsible when crime escalates, they will attempt to get Republicans on the No Bail Train by dropping all or most of the above.

The Republicans, with the exception of a handful, will fall for their plan.  We’ve seen this game played out over and over and over.  Most of the ILGOP is part of the problem.

Why would anyone surrender their freedom by voting Democrat?

Why would anyone vote for a long time elected Republicans who only collect a paycheck and vote to raise taxes?  (hint:  Dan Brady)

Don’t forget the progressive income tax.  If you believe only the rich will pay more you also believe the lottery is funding education.

How many lies do you need to hear?


6 thoughts on “Democrats running amok!

  1. Only Hitler, Stalin, Koos, JB’s, Carillo, Renner and Bernie’s mother could be proud. Or if only the same mothers would have kept their legs crossed that one time.


  2. The gas one is the MOST stupid thing I have EVER heard. I DO NOT want someone else putting gas into MY vehicle. That leaves ALL KINDS of possibilities for shenanigans !! And what about COOPS in the country that do not have attendants? We going to put these people out of business??

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      1. Say good bye to 24/7 gas stations. Some gas stations will cease to exist as the profit margin on gas is not enough now to justify staying open. (Older people think back to the days of the gas station….they made their big money on repair work. Now days it is by selling beer, cigs, lottery ticket and slimjims). The 5 minute quick stop isn’t going to happen. Think of your Casey’s with 8 pumps….during rush time, you sure won’t see 8 people running pumps. In the ’70s we had gas lines due to (a fake) shortage. Now we will have gas lines due to idiots called democrats.


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