Tired of being lied to?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve been writing about the Coliseum and the lies media repeats for years!

CIAM and VenuWorks created their own financial statements.  Every local media uses their numbers and repeats them like gospel.  Both can say anything they want in those statements – they create them.

Numbers reported by both are not accurate, both presented losses that were less than the actual losses.

WGLT is the latest to play “pretend” in reporting.


Quotes:  (the grammar is theirs)

Steep operating losses have continued under VenuWorks. The arena posted an operating loss of $667,349 last year. It’s lost another $226,967 in the first half of this fiscal year (May-October 2018). Those losses are in addition to the $1.4 million in annual debt payments the city is paying off for the original construction of the arena.

Media:  Maybe if I say it slower you will get it. 

The . . .only. . . numbers. . .that. . .matter. . .are. . .the. . .audited. . .financial. . . statements.

VenuWorks, like CIAM, can report any numbers they want, it doesn’t make them truth.

The auditors (the City pays a lot of money to) says the Coliseum loss last year was:   PDF page 6  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=20285

Since everyone wants to pretend depreciation isn’t an operating expense, without that included ($1,108,935) the loss is still $1,059,599!

WGLT:  The loss was not $667,349!

BTW, the City is paying the bonds from the General Fund, even though the place was sold to the public at earning enough to pay the construction costs before it was built.  The $1.4 million WGLT reported may or may not be correct.  I’ve always heard they are around $2 million a year.

So why is every media outlet lying to you? 

  • they are lazy
  • hiding the truth
  • not intelligent
  • want to deceive you
  • the City threatened them

The real loss last year is close to $400,000 more than anybody ever reports.  I call that #FakeNews.

What other #FakeNews are they telling?  We are supposed to believe everything else is accurate?


Nobody is going to be buying the place – another quote:






5 thoughts on “Tired of being lied to?

  1. The local media has gone from being a watchdog to being a lap dog. Local politics has gone from being ludicrous to being outrageous. Petty ordinances are being enforced while high crimes are being swept under the rug. Greedy, amoral egotists are running the show, an obscene show.

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  2. I literally don’t believe a single thing the local media reports. Especially WGLT with McBride at the helm. He’ll work to spin any news story in a favorable direction.

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  3. But Mr TARI RENNER was standing beside the NEW Route 66 sign on the news the other day, and he SAYS that this will bring people from ALL OVER THE WORLD, and they’ll eat here, stay here, get gas here, shop here, go to movies here, and who knows what else. Why maybe E.T. will even fly in, so ALL this loss will SOON be covered, by that and S.F selling their building! Ain’t Mr Renner doing a GREAT job!! We’ll have SO MUCH money, that they’ll throw it out at the Labor Day parade, as Mr Matejka will have ALL his minions working and paying THEIR fair share!! We’ll ALL be rich!!!! WHAT? ME WORRY??
    And I believe it ALL because I heard it on the news!!
    REALLY looking forward to meeting E.T. and seeing HOW he does that glowing finger thing…


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