More Bloomington Silliness

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and payroll for Monday night:

6 more employees will be spiking their pensions:




This is the penalty for the last group who spiked theirs:

The legal budget must be running out of money, this is less than a normal month.

I filed a FOIA request for the employee compensation report for last year since it isn’t posted on the website.

Even though this report is labeled 2018, it covers calendar year 2017:

The City has computerized payroll.  W-2 forms are required by law to be issued by January 31st.  Everything on this report is done by computer.  There is no reason for it not to be posted.

My FOIA was denied:

Is something on this report they don’t want voters to see?


Maybe the City was hacked and they don’t want citizens to know.

Maybe Nikita is out of the office most of the time instead of working her job in HR:

Does teacher Eric Rankin ever invite anybody but Democrats to talk at ISU?  That’s him in the gray sweatshirt.


Or, is Rankin using his position as Democrat Party Chair to indoctrinate?


12 thoughts on “More Bloomington Silliness

  1. Not only is he indoctrinating these people, he is teaching them to organize and spread his doctrines.
    This is being done at the taxpayers expense. Democrats, your chair knows nothing about decent and ethical politicking.

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  2. What’s she teaching? Sleep therapy? They ALL look bored as heck..EVERY politics class I EVER had at ISU was BOOOORING!!!
    Think I”ll change my Alma Matter!!!
    THIS is where FAKE news starts!!


  3. Probably AFTER me. Yes, I.S.U. HAS has a lot of REALLY GREAT professors over the years, but like the dodo bird, seems their numbers are dwindling and so to “fill the gaps” they are getting people like this to “corrode” the minds of our young!!
    Of course, I imagine IF ole J.B gets pot legalized, this woman MIGHT be interesting then..Course, so would a red sock in the dryer with the load of whites…


  4. Eric Rankin is violating the Illinois State Ethics laws on too many levels to mention. Like campaigning on FaceBook during work hours using ISU equipment. I called him out and was immediately blocked. He’s blatant about it and should probably be in prison. But like Bill Clinton he only believes certain criminals belong in jail. I’m not surprised by Illinois State University’s support of this unethical criminal.

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  5. Although, to be completely fair, one of my kids took Eric Rankin’s Poli Sci class at ISU and enjoyed it, except for Rankin’s unprofessional potty-mouth in class. Kid is still a conservative.


  6. Rankin has become so over-rated and narcissistic because ISU has pump him up with of his leftist views that fit their liberal agenda of indoctrinating our youth. I know we are not as bad as Berkley but it saddens me to see and hear of the Socialist only views being spewed out in his classroom!

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  7. This is copied directly from the ISU Policy and Procedures Manual found online – Section 9.2. There is a lot more in additional sections.

    E. Personal Employee Use of Information Technology Resources and Systems

    ISU Information Technology Resources and Systems are to be used for the educational, research or public service purposes of the University or as specified in contractual arrangements, or other applicable state and federal laws, including but not limited to the State Officials and Employees EthicsAct. Individuals or groups permitted access to ISU Information Technology Resources and Systems may use these services occasionally for personal use, within the constraints of University policy and procedures. Use unrelated to University business must be limited in both time and resources and must not interfere in any way with University functions or the employee’s duties. Further limits may be imposed in accordance with area or departmental needs. Allowing occasional personal use in accordance with this policy does not in any way imply that the University sponsors or endorses employee’s personal use.


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