Bloomington Debate last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Obviously many of the candidates last night believe what they are told instead of facts. The Coliseum doesn’t lose $500,000 a year, $1,000,000+ is MUCH closer to the truth. The City pays a lot of money for auditors, they shouldn’t be burying the results.

Jenn Carrillo was playing with a ball during the entire debate:

She was the only candidate to bring a computer and notes, maybe she has trouble remembering what her positions are. She does want a LUXURY tax because people who have money never miss it!

If you don’t know who to vote for watch the video here:

The video quality is bad in the second half. People can’t be heard in some parts and some nice video of the floor is on it too. If WGLT wants to be the debate kings, they need to do better.

I could recap what was said, but I’m not going to. Voters need to hear from the candidates for themselves.

Jeff Crabill attempted to hide how radical he is. Keep in mind he participated with Illinois People’s Action in their protest of the ICE facility in Dwight. He also tried to spread his propaganda in Normal, he would tax businesses too. How much is “Fair Share” Jeff?

7 thoughts on “Bloomington Debate last night

  1. Jenn probably brought the computer to play games on during the boring debate. The notes you see is a script. Liberals cant say a word without one. As for the squeezing the ball, I’m not even going to guess who or what she was thinking about while she was doing that.

  2. The ironic part of Crabill is he works for the very company (State Farm) that his sign is seeking to tax enormously. A Corporate attorney is not making a small salary. Isn’t it funny how he tries to represent himself? I won’t even bother commenting on Carrillo. If people are stupid enough to vote for her, so be it. Chissell is interesting though. She’s either too dumb to hide that she’d vote for all these tax increases or she’s being less than politically savvy with her transparency.

  3. Really hard to script a “debate” when you have the attention span of a 5 year old at the zoo! That’s what the ball is for..

  4. I think the optics of Jenn’s behavior and performance at the debate coupled with previous unflattering media references will sink her ship with the establishment lefties.

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