Crabill is worried

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe the voters in Ward 8 are wondering why the Council needs another State Farm lawyer on the Council when Bloomington already has a State Farm lawyer Kimberly Bray.

That’s diversity?

Maybe the Ward 8 voters can’t figure out why Crabill hangs out with the radicals in Dwight.

Maybe they can’t figure out why Crabill uses’s talking points.  Somebody needs to ask him what “Fair Share” is.  He won’t have any answer.

For a guy who thinks he is running unopposed, why is he sending out literature attempting to claim he isn’t a far left radical?  I could post a copy, but I won’t.  Ward 8 has a better option.

On February 12, 2018 Crabill spoke at Council in favor of the Welcoming Ordinance.  He obviously doesn’t believe in the law, funny for a lawyer.  Just hit play, he also calls out Karen Schmidt:

Below are corrections to the ballots WGLT posted for both Bloomington and Normal.

Another reason RC McBride should not be a Trustee in Normal.  Trust the WGLT General Manager with governing fairly?

3 thoughts on “Crabill is worried

  1. Travis Wilson never filed the paperwork to withdraw from the election. He only made a statement that he didn’t think he met the residency requirement. Could he still technically win if he gets more votes than Jeff? Interesting.


  2. At least Jenn owns who she is. Wonder what State Farm thinks of Crabill. They’re an “evil corporation” that pays no property taxes in Bloomington and controls City Hall (from what I’ve heard). Will Crabs co-sponsor the “luxury tax” proposed by Jenn?


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