Debate 1 – Here We Go!!!

By Craig Andresen on October 3, 2012 at 7:12 am

Domestic Policy.

That’s the topic of tonight’s first debate between the contenders for the presidency.

Domestic Policy.

Obama will be spinning faster than the centrifuges in Iran. He’s tried NOT to talk about Domestic Policy as the economy continues to drag itself along, barely alive.

For weeks. If not months, Obama has preferred to talk about his FOREIGN policy because…he felt that was a much shinier ball than his domestic policy.

That all changed 3 weeks ago.


Now he’s pulled the cover-up covers up over his head.

4 Americans dead. A terrorist attack. Failed attempts to divert, as liberals are want to do, the attention to a stupid You Tube Video.

He dodged and ducked, did the View and Letterman…spoke at the U.N. and ran away from even having lunch there not to mention his snubbing of Netanyahu.

He hung with Beyonce and Jay-Z…did a radio show…Pimp with a Limp…The morning after the terrorist attack, he flew to Vegas for a fund raiser.

The foreign policy ain’t got that sparkle anymore does it?

So…Domestic Policy…

There are more people leaving the workforce than getting jobs.

Moving in the right direction?

The GDP numbers are shrinking.

Moving in the right direction.

More people on food stamps than ever before. Green energy companies failing everywhere. Another solar panel company gets millions of our taxpayer dollars. Gas prices double what they were 4 years ago.


There’s 21 new taxes in Obamacare that will hit…everybody including the middle class and Obamacare is failing in the polls, for good reason. It’s costing people a fortune. Doctors don’t like it either.

Moving in the right direction?

Well…At least we still have good credit.


Taxmageddon is coming too.

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