Knock-Out Romney – MSM down for the count

by Diane Benjamin

Main Stream Media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN) got knocked to the mat last night – America got to see what they didn’t want revealed:

Obama hasn’t got a clue – Mitt Romney isn’t just for the rich

The real Mitt Romney stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park.  This is the same guy who has been campaigning to LARGE crowds, but the media has hidden the truth.

MSM didn’t want the people informed on real issues.  The press never asks the President tough questions, Romney threw the facts in Obama’s face.  Obama melted down.   Romney clearly conveyed how bad the economy is.  We all knew, the truth always conquers deceit.

Game Change!  Goodbye Mr. President.  Goodbye MSM – I hear Hawaii is beautiful in January.  Go fawn there.

4 thoughts on “Knock-Out Romney – MSM down for the count

  1. Obama’s debate performance reminded me of what an aged Steve Urkel (tv’s Family matters) would be like in a Presidential debate. Obama seemed truly overwhelmed when confronted with the factual statistics of our current economy. Without a teleprompter, Obama was awkward, shifty and unsure of himself or his policies. Romney won the debate hands down. Now, if he can only win the election.

    1. Slapshot – Romney was ALWAYS going to win. The American people are a lot smarter than the media gives them credit for. Gas prices double, food way up, unemployment high – check your wallet, you were robbed. They always throw out the robber.

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