Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debate Tonight

Of course Richard Irvin won’t be there because he isn’t a Republican.

Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine, and Jesse Sullivan will meet for one hour starting at 7 p.m.

WGN-TV is broadcasting the debate, but so are local stations. See how to watch here:

I predict these three will split the vote which allows Irvin to win because people are falling for his lies. Say hello to 4 more years of Pritzker.

If you don’t vote in the primary, you are part of the problem.

8 thoughts on “Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debate Tonight

  1. There’s a lot of literature from Irvin showing that Bailey and Sullivan have always voted Democrat. Bailey has literature attacking Irvin. NONE of them tell what they are promising to DO if elected.

    Here’s my list:
    Rescind the automatic gas tax increases.
    Rescind all sex and gender education statutes and policies for all children under 14.
    Rescind ALL of JB’s executive orders.
    Sign legislation for term limits for all Illinois House and Senate members.
    Sign legislation that removes the requirement for “only these guys” for this job..any job contracted by the State and any other local public body; Cities, Counties, Townships, Authorities.

    Promise these things, and then DO them, and you have my support.
    I will watch the debates. These things will NOT be mentioned.

      1. You mean when during the height of the pandemic Bailey threw a hussy fit and refused to wear a mask on the State House Floor? What a guy running around spreading the virus to how many? Say hello to 4 more years of Pritzker.

  2. People in BN would pay attention and vote if it were American Idol. One of the candidates should sing a lounge act song and he would be the frontrunner in BN.

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