Bloomington did their own Normal imitation last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Two Council members didn’t bother to attend, Billie Tyus covered for Tim Gleason who also wasn’t there.

See if you can figure out who is MIA:

Everything passed with little discussion. The video is an hour and 10 minutes long, only because a Township meeting took place before the Council meeting. Obviously the results were settled before the meeting.

The actual meeting doesn’t start until 29:40. If you are dying to see it, just click play:

2 thoughts on “Bloomington did their own Normal imitation last night

  1. As usual, they have money for a library remodel that we don’t need while the roads continue to get worse. There is money for a water park we don’t need when a new pool would have sufficed. What they deliberately failed to tell people when they implemented the gas tax for roads was that the funds they used to allocate for roads were being replaced by the gas tax revenue. It’s the same shell game they played with schools and the lottery. They neglected to tell us the money they used to allocate for schools from the general fund would now be spent elsewhere. We thought the lottery money would be IN ADDITION TO funds already allocated from the general fund. Same thing applies here for roads. The money used for roads is now spent on pet projects, and the money realized from gas taxes are the only funds for roads. But those funds are woefully inadequate AND they also spend that money on Constitution Trail extensions, painting roads for bike lines, etc. Anyway, I encourage other people to continue to address this issue with the council. And I wonder why Grant Walsh and Crabill weren’t at this meeting.


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