More Venuworks/City fail

By:  Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind what the VenuWorks contract says:  (No Later Than)

PDF page 17 – contract

The Kane Brown concert, which was supposedly sold out, was held on February 28.  No report is posted:

The Bacon and Beer festival was held March 2nd, tomorrow will be 10 days.  People on Facebook wanted to know why this was held from 11am – 3pm instead of at night like last year.  It was a great success last year according to reports at the time, why did they try a different time instead of going with what worked?

This is last year’s report:

A hockey report is available from March 1st, evidently Kane and Bacon will remain a secret for now.

Maybe somebody can tell us if the City failed to post reports or if VenuWorks failed to submit them.









5 thoughts on “More Venuworks/City fail

  1. CIAM was inept, Venuworks is inept, the Tari AND the council are inept, as is the GNU City Manager. ALL of these people SHOULD be on these folks and DOING THE JOB THEY WERE ELECTED FOR!
    And they should ALL be held accountable! From the Manager on DOWN!


  2. I’m curious, what happens if you consistently underperform and miss reporting or contractual deadlines in the private sector???


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