More Venuworks/City fail

By:  Diane Benjamin Keep in mind what the VenuWorks contract says:  (No Later Than) PDF page 17 – contract The Kane Brown concert, which was supposedly sold out, was held on February 28.  No report is posted: The Bacon and Beer festival was held March 2nd, tomorrow will be 10 days.  People on Facebook […]

I predicted this:

By:  Diane Benjamin Just yesterday I predicted the Hot Wheels Monster Truck event recap would magically appear after I FOIA’d it: Surprise – here it is.  All I need now is a FOIA denial. This was four shows, average attendance per show was 2,136. Note too this show was a rental.  Many of the […]

TWO arena show results

By:  Diane Benjamin The results of two shows, one in November and one in December, are now posted: Both shows made money. but both reports show a problem. Who BUYS tickets to a show and doesn’t attend?  Both reports show more tickets were sold than the total of people who actually attended – even […]

Arena losses – fiction

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been writing about the Coliseum (Grossinger Motors Arena) for YEARS.  This “White Elephant” has been a constant drain on taxpayers since it was conceived.  The losses are huge, theft is being prosecuted, the City failed to oversee operations, economic impact numbers are made up, and new management is doing little to […]