I predicted this:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just yesterday I predicted the Hot Wheels Monster Truck event recap would magically appear after I FOIA’d it:  https://blnnews.com/2019/02/21/arena-event-reports-fail/

Surprise – here it is.  All I need now is a FOIA denial.

This was four shows, average attendance per show was 2,136.

Note too this show was a rental.  Many of the shows are.

I wonder if the City will not let them buy shows?  Self-Promote or Co-Promote is how the big bucks are made, of course – how the big bucks are lost too if they don’t buy carefully.

I did see people enjoyed this show, except those sitting by the doors which they kept open.  Brrrr







One thought on “I predicted this:

  1. OK, Diane you’re “PSYCHIC” Tell what the Dow will close at on Friday, and I’ll make a BIG donation–DEAL??
    Bet the “socialists” hate me already…darn!


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