Arena Event Reports (Fail)

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to the contract between the City of Bloomington and VenuWorks:  PDF page 17


The good news is the Competitive Cheerleading Finals shows an estimated profit of $49,539.52.

Competitive Dance Finals showed a profit of $23,655.62.

One report is missing:

February 10th is more than 10 days ago.  “No Later” must mean when somebody FOIA’s it or they get around to it.

Maybe the City Staff just hasn’t had time to attach it to a link.

Maybe this proves why government shouldn’t be involved in feel good projects they can’t possibly manage.

Shhhh – keep this quiet.   I will FOIA the report, it will be posted on the City website within a day or two, then in 6 business days I will get a FOIA response denying my request because it’s posted.  This my friends is why history must be studied.  It always repeats.

It will be posted here, the other two reports can be viewed here too:


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