Did PSCRB increase crime?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is a short video of an interview with a Dallas Police Officer.  He claims across the country police have been forced to not do their job in fear of citizen panels instituted to oversee what they do.

He wants to know how untrained panels can judge actions taken by the police when they have no idea why the police do what they do.  The interviewer claims people used to know to follow directions of an officer, now some citizens have to be “persuaded” to comply.

Policing isn’t a democracy, according to this officer, community oversight does nothing to hold higher-ups accountable.  The PSCRB (Public Safety Civilian Review Board) threatens the cops on the street.

Violent crime has increased in Bloomington-Normal.  The question is what caused it?  Is it the officers inability to do their job because somebody might second guess their actions?

March 27th the Bloomington Police Chief will report on local crime.  You won’t see it on video because it is taking place at the Police Station in the Osborn room:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/10518/

Since he won’t mention the effects of the PSCRB, maybe some street officers can reveal what’s actually happening.  (if anything)

Hint:  I know many readers never watch a video, I can tell how many do.  This one is less than 3 minutes, please take the time.



10 thoughts on “Did PSCRB increase crime?

  1. PSCRB or no, if our local rulers weren’t spending millions of dollars a year on interest and under-utilized spaces, surely we could afford additional extra officers, which would help deter crime.

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  2. I just did an inquiry on the community crime map. Crimes committed in Bloomington. Feb8-Mar8 2018 was 49. Mar8-Apr8 was 53. Apr8-May8 was 45. MAY 8th Normal passed welcoming city. May8-Jun8 crime jumps to 68. The next three months crime was 70 – 79 then 81!! God HELP us if welcoming city ever gets passed in Bloomington. I absolutely believe that it was NORMAL passing welcoming city that caused this insane crime jump in our city. Something to seriously think about when you vote for city council this term.

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      1. Let me add one phrase: “When government refuses to uphold laws, AND FAVORS CRIMINALS OVER CITIZENS, this is always the result.”


    1. I am against welcoming crime ordinances and the stupidity of our ‘leadership’, but I even moreso support full truth. I expect it was an honest mistake, but the stats you cite don’t really mean anything because crime always goes up when the weather is better/warmer. To get meaningful numbers, you’d need to look at year-to-year rather than month-to-month.


  3. I contend the influx of the new criminal element began about fifteen years ago when some members of the Chamber of Commerce and some Chamber staff members came up with the brilliant idea of recruiting unemployed and lower employed Chicago types to come to BN to work in the service industries. Some of the people behind this we’re people everyone would recognize. The Chamber staff member was a social justice warrior that had plenty of their own problems. They were even advertising on the expressways. Some well meaning people came followed by ten other people in their extended families that weren’t. The invasion has continued right up through the present.


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